Previous guests

Mark Williams – Real life Story (Started a charity helping men with postnatal depression & anxiety)

Jason Jarrett – Real life Story (Former professional footballer who went through depression)

Vinney Gee – Real life Story (TV Presenter from Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners)

Stephen Smith – Real life Story (Creator of an app that helps people manage their OCD and is also an OCD sufferrer.)

Mark Doree – First Aid trainer who owns his own business

Kenny Mammarella Da Cruz – Motivational speaker

Gershom Allen – Real life Story (of erupting volcanoes, having to leave his country etc.)

Lin Tribble – Real life Story (who started 2 businesses in later life – hairclips & then popcorn)

Anthony Nicholls – Real life Story (who has moles that are possibly cancerous and needs to go for regular checks)

Adam Bradford – Real Life Story (His dad was addicted to gambling & went to prison & almost tore family apart)

Robert Watson – Lead editor for the Dads and family section

Ashley McGrattan – Real Life Story (Mother who developed Pica that led her to eat sponges and her mum’s sofa)

Myrianthi Elias – (Mother of real life story guest speaking about her daughter’s experience with social anxiety)
Nicola Elias – Real Life Story (speaking about social anxiety)

Kelly Walden – Real Life Story and makeover guest (beat post natal depression)

Omar Becatto – Real Life Story (guest who lost lots of weight and then became a personal trainer)

Eliza Flynn – Real Life Story (had cervical issues and avoided cancer)

Mr Jullien Brady – Expert gynaecologist

Sarah Jagger – Makeup artist with Rosacea

Dr Anton Alexandroff – Consultant dermatologist

Debbie Hryb – Property business owner

Solomon Taiwo – Actor

Cal Strode – Senior Media Officer

Tyrone Piper – Singer

Larraine Smith – Singer, military wife

Norms Macmara – Has Dementia from aged 50

Rob Young – Musical Director

Helen Stevenson – Marathon runner and real life story (Her gran and partner’s gran both had dementia before they passed.)

Colin Sutherland – Falconer

Michelle Inch – Founder of Equidivine

David Sarphie – Entrepreneur

Gerard Forlin – Vice Chair

Nancy Leppink – Chief of occupational Safety and Health Branch

Madge Spencer – Real Life Story (On to talk about the loss of her daughter in law and how, since the father was in jail, her granddaughter was taken away. She was apparently too old to take care of her so the care passed to her other son so now she feels like she lost three people at once.)

Simon Chapman – Director of Media

Simone Gomes – Real Life story guest (Suffered a stroke from a young age (19) and now advocates rasing awareness on strokes)

Michelle Dalmacio – Deputy Director

Brian Jacobs – Founder of Vegan London

Darran Saunders – Real Life Story (Darran is the mother of a young man who was killed before he reached the age of 20 due to one punch)

Gerry Fletcher – Councellor

Pola Pospieszalska – Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach

Harry Peak – Real Life Story (Lost four stone in six months and went from being afraid of taking his top off at a pool to joining a rugby team thanks to become so fit.)

Valentina Forastieri – Specialist

Kristine Edwards – Real Life Story (Is a working mother of a 5 y.o boy. She recently married to who she considers is the love of her life who she met on an online dating website. The man she married is not the father of her son but already acts more like it.)

Dr Varinder Panesar – Chartered Forensic Psychologist

Fiona Sneyd – Support Councilor

Johan Sundberg – Chairman and Professor

Alison Wintgens – Speech Therapist

Abigail Morgan – Voice over artist

Donna Preston – Real Life Story (A professional Actor/Voice Actor on to talk about how important the voice is to her profession and every day life.)

Jane Salazar – Co-Founder of ISpeak

Mandy East – National Coordinator

Rozana McGrattan – Writer, business woman

Jamie Denyer – Lecturer, Mentor & Educator

Gary Young – Real Life Story (Ex-Professional Boxer. Now teaches people in underprivilaged areas how to box.)

Adam Fouracre – CEO and Founder (Stand Against Violence)

Jack Woodfield – News Editor

Stephen Browne – Real life Story Guest (He had bowel cancer but after early detection, got surgery and had no need for chemotherapy.)

Graham Kelly – Director of Fundraising

Tat Gray – Real Life Story (Has type 1 Diabetes (you have to inject) and was diagnosed at 13. Before finding out she lost significant weight)

Phillip Saville – Real Life Story (Funeral Director)

Lorena Oberg – Real life story guest (Stretch mark and tattoo removal treatment)

Shadia Daho – Real Life Story (Shadia lost some teeth through a domestic issue and has now received sponsorship to get them repaired)

Jo-Ann D’costa – Manuel – Autism Parent Empower Founder and Director

Jane Mccready – Real Life Story (Has a son that suffers from Autism and managed to get help for him)

Stella Chadwell – Clinical Nutritionist and Biomedical Specialist

Mark Jones – Chief Executive Officer

Mhari Coxton – Dental Health Expert

Jordan Smith – Makeover guest nominator (Nominated his mother for a makeover after he decided she needed to be spoiled)

Tracy Smith – Makeover guest nominee (A strong centre of her family, Tracy has raised a family of boys without a expecting anything from them)

Dyna Fayz – Real Life Story and Makeover guest (Her dad was suffering from kydney failure for the last 5 years and when he passed away a few months ago her mother fell into a deep depression. She gave up her life to take care of him and now she has given up in taking care of herself)

Lauren Wiggins – Deputy Director of Support & Influencing

Robert Jesse – Real life story (Experience prostate problems that not only complicated his life but his marriage, causing his sexual life to momentarily fail before it was revitalised)

Heather Jesse – Wife of real life story guest (Sexual life with her husband was saved after his continuous prostate problems lightened)

Lucy Challenge – Real life story (A new mother dealing with a lot of stress and getting past it all)

Charlotte Antonion Ex-service user

Donna Collins – Voluteer Manager

Kate Herbet – Model

Vicki Lord – Hair Stylist

Allison Kahn – Director of mentoring programme

Molly Berry – Real life story (Was deaf until she was given a transplant and can now hear)

Lauren Allen – PR Coordinator

Felipe Mattei – Real life story (experience with sleep paralysis and also astral projection. He also halucinates during sleep paralysis)

Jessica Alexander – Spokesperson

Abigail Wilson – Dietitian

Ram Dhillon – Professor/Dr

Rowena Jaber – Centre Director at The WISH Centre

Sonya Roseman – Real Life Story (Suffered from self-injury for years after being in a poor relationship that left her feeling inadequate)

Isobel Pollard – Former Client of WISH center

Shanice Grant – Outreach and Support worker

Holly Henderson – Real Life Story (Recently went through a bad break up and also has been in the public eye during a break-up. Still works hard and keeps a positive attitude even through hard times)

Dr Mags Portman – BASHH Clinician

Mark Wright – Business Entrepreneur/ Digital- marketing specialist/ BBC The Apprentice Winner 2014

Fatima – Real Life Story/Makeover guest

Hanieh Nia – Makeover Nominee

Geraldine White – Real life story/ Makeover guest (77 year old mother who has recently gotten a lot of spare time on her hands due to her husband being placed into a nursing how due to his parkinsons. She was the previous carer of him before it back too much for her to handle)

Helena Lund – Makeover Nominee (Mother of daughet with autism and has supported her own mother through her father’s parkinsons)

Ricky Deane – Behavior Lead

Cerys Pumphrey – Real Life Story/Representative (Cerys has suffered from OCD for a number of years and hopes to spread her message as much as possible)

Melanie Browm – Real Life Story/Makeover guest (Melanie has previously suffered from a miscarrage as well as going through a lot of hardship only to ever think about those around her)
Lenishae Brown – Nominee’s daughter

Chelsea Baker – Founder of National Mentoring Day

Quaneedra Taylor – Real life story (Went to university in the U.S but failed her course due to having to work a job and over exhausting herself)

Hannah Broadbent – Deputy CEO

Tamanna Mia – Real Life Story (She suffered through rascism and Islamaphobia)

Dr Cary Adams – CEO UICC

Taiwo Solomon – Actor/Musician

Dr Alan Worsley – Senior Science Communications Officer

Olivia Bamber – Real Life Story Guest and OCD action representative (Has mostly overcome her OCD and has experience helping others do the same)

Lucy Badham – Real Life Story Guest (Survived cancer getting the all clear recently and raised money for charities in her area)

Sherly Walker – Real Life Story/Makeover guest (Suffered from severe pain for 17 years due to critical car crash as well as depression)

Kylie Newman – Nominee’s daughter (Sufferer of domestic violence for a long time and mother to a son with autism)

Richard Baker – Real Life Story Guest (General Manager for PCS instruments)

Ketan Makwana – Real Life Story Guest (International speaker and entrepreneur)

Janey Lee Grace – Author and Radio Presenter

Richard Thomas – Retired TV presenter

Marilyn O’connor – Real Life Story Guest (Went through 45 years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Wrote a book a bout it. Now teaches cancer victims to write their feelings down)

Dr Rob Hicks – GP (NHS)

Louise Crockart – Aromatherapist

Stacey Mcewen – Nominee’s daughter (A victim of domestic abuse who wanted to give back to her mother for everything she had done)
Cristine Mcewen – Real Life Story Guest/ Makeover guest (Help her daughter through a suicidal time in her life after she was a victim of domestic violence for over three weeks)

Neve Ludzik – Real Life Story Guest (Got herself out of an abusive relationship as well as giving her daughter a safe environment to grow up. Now helps women in similar positions)

Dr Pookey Knightsmith Psychiatry

Matt Sweetwood – (Single parent of 5, is able to manage kids and over the holidays)

Danielle Shine – Real Life Story Guest (Decided to make a change and switched career paths after experiencing physical and mental difficulties)

Gary Matthews – Nominater wife for a makeover
Alison Matthews – Makeover Model

Justin Basini – Scams Expert

Rachel Griffin – Director for Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Liz Brooker – Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Manager

Dr Kellie Payne – Research and Learning Manager for the organization

Simon Phillips – (First Christmas without a loved one. Recently lost his sister after she had battled with cancer for many years. Both he and his family are still finding it hard to cope with the tragedy)

Inman Goodhew – Founder of The Old School Club

Audrey De Mederios – Chrissy’s Friend
Moti Bernardo – Chrissy’s Friend
Helena Marques – Chrissy’s Friend

Alexandra Spencer Makeover Model

Usama Hasen Former jihadist, counter extremism expert

Morten & Maria Storgaard (Wife and he struggled with debt for many years, now has a debt free blog that gives advice to people in a similar situation)

Hazel Browne – NHS Consultant/Manager

Oliver Kennedy (His cousin was murdered in an unprovocked fight, the man has not been caught. Still finding it hard to cope with the tragedy)

Jean-Luc Sainlo – Professional Chef

Nicky Tibble Owner of Photo Buzz (opened two successful businesses despite being dyslexic)

Emma Elizabeth (Experience with being taken advantage of in her relationship)

Katie Beard – Makeover Model

Richard Pomfrett  Founder and Head Instructor of Stay Safe Workshops

Foyzul Rahmen (Had been scammed after attempting to buy props for filming production)

Teniola Balogun (Had previously been scammed out of buying cosmetic products)

Tristen Lee (Experience with being taken advantage of in her relationship)

Beverley Stone – Chartered Psychologist

Debbie Martin Garcia – Real Life Story Guest

Donna Walkerdine – Real Life Story Guest

Tiago Branco Real Life Story Guest (Bullied Aaron)

Aaron How – Real Life Story Guest (Was bullied from young)

Brian Joseph Personal Trainer

Sheila Merrill ROSPA Public Health Adviser

Veronica Marie Jones – Real Life Story Guest (Nominated her sister for a makeover)

Dawn Cheshire Real Life Story Guest (Nominee for makeover)

Paula Doolan Real Life Story Guest (Nominated friend Dawn for a makeover)

Thomas O’Connor Real Life Story Guest (Nominater his mother for a makeover)

Natalie Jones – Bullies Out Education Co-ordinator

Chris Booth Urologist and Clinical Advisor for the Federation of Prostate Patients’ Support Groups

Jonathan Sim Head of Community Engagement, Movember Uk

Joe Surtees Senior Public Policy Advocate for StepChange Debt Charity

Andressa Urach – Glamour model and TV Presenter

Michelle Ellman Body Confidence Coach

Apisalome Leweni – Real Life Story Guest (He ruined his own relationship by becoming emerged in social media, still regrets it to this day)

Elaine Day – Real Life Story Guest (Hasn’t regained confidence in her body since having kids but wants to work in the hair and beauty industry)

Aukash Zahid Real Life Story Guest (Fears he will never be normal because he became successful at a very young age)

Paulett Bandeira Real Life Story Guest

Deone Morris Real Life Story Guest

Richard Stewart – Real Estate Agentes

Amanda Neilson Interior Designer

Nickel Yudat Professional Dancer

Barbara Hepworth-Jones Miscarriage Association Trustee, also experienced a miscarriage

Esther Okanlawon – Real Life Story Guest (Experienced giving birth to a still born baby, a year later gave birth to a healthy baby girl)

Heather Matuozzo – Founder of Clouds End CIC

Everitt Clark – Real Life Story Guest (Grew up in hoarding enviornment, takes professional photos of cluttered / messy homes)

Rachel Egan – Real Life Story Guest

Emma Rule – Real Life Story Guest (Gained her confidence after traveling to India, own successful PR company and producer)

Sehar Zaman Makeover model

David Smith CEO of Mind in Hull and East Yorkshire

Katherine Pugh Ambassador

Michelle Marques Owner (Manor Grove Spa)

Nickel Yudat Professional Dancer

Barbara Hepworth-Jones Miscarriage Association Trustee, also experienced a miscarriage

Mark Mathews Founder and Director of Operations of The Sunflower Trust

Diane Gerald Book Trust Chief Executive

Owen Redahan Sex addiction Counsellor

Malcolm Koroma – Real Life Story Guest (Editor / was previously addicted to porn)

Agnes Musikavanhu Real Life Story Guest (Enjoys aging gracefully)

Moti Bernardo Special Guest

Michael Boodram Special Guest

Diane Paselle – Real Life Story Guest (Brother committed suicide)

David Gordon – Trustee / Book Bus Director

Esther Okanlawon Real Life Story Guest (Experienced giving birth to a still born baby, recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl)

Sherene Changoo Real Life Story Guest (Previously divorced)

Lisa-Marie Bradnock Real Life Story Guest (Previously divorced)

Stephanie Anderson – Dyslexia Action Communications Manager

David Gordon – Trustee / Book Bus Director

Michelle Ellman – Body Confidence Expert

Simone Ross – Real Life Story Guest (Clothes play an important role in her life, was once depressed, clothes helped her)

Michelle Joseph – Real Life Story Guest (Waited until marriage before having sex)

Diego Raya Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Psychologist

Alex Pourgourides Real Life Story Guest (Suffers from OCD)

Hitachi Baylou Real Life Story Guest (Has severe case of OCD)

Gareth Crossman OCD Action Director

Sue Jones

Annie Mullins – Director of Safety & Trust, EU,

Callum Carr – Founder of South Tyneside Against Bullying

Arina Osiannaya

Luna Venturi 

Chelsey Baker  Marketing and communications expert and an award winning business mentor, author, Business Show Host

Lucy Cartridge  Real Life Story Guest (Suffered from mental health issues as a child)

John Galea Real Life Story Guest (Singer / Songwriter)

Alex Cella – Real Life Story Guest (Singer / Songwriter)

Verity Slattery – Real Life Story Guest (Singer / Songwriter)

Samantha Wood Real Life Story Guest (An international DJ and singer/ songwriter)

Antony DeGrates Manager at Sorted Surf Shop

Alex Poole Lifeguard at Boscombe Pier beaches

Fi Sellwood – Manager of Rock Reef

Moses Ranger – Manager and head coach at Sorted Surf School

Pam Custers – Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Andrew Trott Real Life Story Guest (Partner had cheated, destroyed relationship) 

Glenn Mason Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist

Miriam Virgo Real Life Story Guest (Single parent, author)

Thomas Manzie Real Life Story Guest (Single Parent of 5 children)

Carmalita Lambert – Real Life Story Guest (Single Parent)

Simona Prodana Owner of Glamour Hair & Beauty Salon

Natalie Shann Real Life Story Guest

Alfie Whattam – Real Life Story Guest (Magician looking to become famous, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent)

Carolyn Carolyn Real Life Story Guest

Dannie Pye – Real Life Story Guest (Aspiring actor, wants to be famous)

Jahlyn King Real Life Story Guest (Broke out of everyday routines by travelling, author and model)

Eva Orupold – Model

Phil Beldin – Director of Operations

Sathiapama Sivapragasam Real Life Story Guest

Phillippa Morison-Price Park Ranger

Marco Wouthers – Owner of Angel Flowers

Sam De Silva Tsunamy survivor

Jennifer Wild Clinical Pshycology Consultant

Charlotte Henry Sister of a Convict

Patricia Brown – Mother of a Convict

Gloria Morrison Campaign Coordinator

Tom Thompson – Real Life Story guest (Cycling accident)

Emma Birch Student

Aaron Bacon Student

Amy Ordinaire Student

Umar Yunas-Chaudhery Student / Therapy Radiographer

Usman Mahmood UWSU Students Union Officer

Louise Salih Bridal Gowns Consultant

Bernadette Chapman Owner and Event Planner

Mark Seymour Wedding photographer

Dimplem Mistry – TV Producer (ITN Productions)

Malcolm Koroma Editor (UCKG)

Monica Abraham – Marketing & Business Growth Expert

Susana Chambers Head of Family and Learning

Deboshree Kanjilal-Ghosh PR

Indiraa Singer/ Songwriter/ Bollywood Queen

Daniel Blake Real Life Story guest (Actor/ Model Part Time)

Brian Joseph Personal Trainer

Deborah Garcia Radio Host

Ethan Garcia – Real Life Story guest (Beating Cancer)

Urvashi Tripathi Social Worker

Al Ferguson Dad (The Dad Network)

Jessica Peacock

Matthew Black CEO (Red E Ltd)

Jules Standish  Colour Consultant

Anne Alagbe  Real Life Story guest (Child Depression)

Serena Loderick  Real Life Story guest (Addicted to Shopping)

Teri Jai  Real Life Story guest (Relationship ended due to technology/ social media)

Dennis Immanuel  Fashion Stylist

Talisa Wallace – Real Life Story guest (How to be more assertive)

Alexandra Koren  Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Art Therapist

Mr Navane Cavale  Surgeon

Jim McGrath  Business owner/Writer

Robert Mills

Marie-Annick Jube 

Claire Schrader – Shyness Specialist/ Counsellor

James Heather Former British Airways Co-Pilot

Jacky Rom Author, Screenwriter, Drama Teacher, Business Woman

Beth Towle – Sports Development Officer

Daniel Weiss Love Coach Trainee

Dave Bell Admiral Nurse

Mark Seymour  Professional Photographer

Jennifer Mensah  UCKG

Manos Koutsis 

Mailik Sailor  Founder of Innovify

Martine Lucas  Life oach

Melanie Robinson

Charley Simmonds

Dr Audrey Tang Director of Click Productions

Tracy Hale 

Stephen Hebgood Chairman of trustees

Cristian Pena Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Psychology Practice Manager

Gloria Barker 

Emma Ebert  Student/Part-time Nursery Nurse/Freelance Photographer

Lynda Lim  Retired/Supporting Artist

Jody Medland  Film Maker/Writer/Director/Author

Holly Searle  Writer

William Smiff  Owner of Hampshire Design Studios

Carlene Etienne  Trustee and member of Steel Pan Trust
Dan Sadler  Trustee and member of Steel Pan Trust
Shareen Gray  Director of Steel Pan Trust/Manager of Stee Pan Agency

Fabia Cerra  Burlesque dancer/Actress

Sarah Day  Student

Laura Taylor Entrepreneur

Matt Barnwell Founder and CEO (Independant Hospitality Solutions)

Nicola Roffe  Actress

Maria Elliot  Events Organiser/Cervical cancer survivor

David Smith Live in Carer

Maria Asemah  HR Associate

Abi Begho  Healthcare Project Manager

Zaynab Mizra Ovarian Cancer Survivor/Beauty expert

Gabriel Both CEO and Founder of Inspired Freedom

Abigail Hamilton  Actress

Jess Cotton  Adolescent Health & Wellbeing Manager

Charlotte O’Reily Recovering Self harmer

Ewood  Singer/Actor/Dancer

Lisa Chuma  Founder of Womans Expo

Chris Tuck – Co founder of Survivors of Abuse

John Walters  Stroke recovery/Entrepreneur

Kat Pugh Ambassador

Gaby Feldman Singer/Songwriter

Eva Juhasz  Designer

Wyen Solo Singer/Songwriter

Melody Monday Singer

Cathy Smith  Baker/Business Developer

Victoria Frances – Author

Colin Leslie  Ethical eyewear designer

Emily Estelle  Classical crossover Artist/Actress/Model/Singer

Tiger Lilly  Singer

Mib Baseer  Actor/Personal trainer

Maria Asemenah HR Associate

Umesh Raichada Developing Officer/Fundraiser for people with disabilities

Vicky Stacey  Chrity worker

Liz Harwood Marketing Director (Azizi Drinks Company)

Nina Littler Founder (Thrive on 5 Company)

Kristina Linder  Actress

Joanne McGowan Singer/Songwriter

Dr. Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena  Chartered Psychologist

Libby Brown  Fundraising Officer

Sharon Johnson  Manager (Croydon Voluntary Action)

Liz Harwood  Director (Azizi Drinks)

Mohammed Hashi  Youth worker

Shan Smile Singer/Songwriter

Marianne Miles  Spokesperson/Publicist

Emily Lee  Singer/Songwriter

Marsha Derevianko  Personal Shopper

Ten Senah Singer/Songwriter

Steven Hawkes Communications and Fundraising Manager

Adam Gibbs TV presenter/Model/Real life memory loss story

Dan Omari Singer/Songwriter

Brian Little  Psycologist

Denise Hubble Clinical Services Manager (Mothers of Sexually Abused Children)

Lyndon Haynes

Pam Patel 

Antonia Fontaine  Secretary

Liz Brooker Manger (Road safety and sustainable transport)

Charlene  Singer/songwriter

Pr Victor Michael Alves  Victory Youth Group (VYG) Leader

Elijah Benoit  Music Artist / Poet / Inspirational Speaker

Steven Havers  I am a dog owner trainer (Havers Dog Behaviour)

Julianne Ponan  CEO and Owner (Creative Nature)

Nina Provencal Singer  and songwriter

Mark Brooks  Chairman (The ManKind Initiative)

Steph Hayle  Student – Young business lady

Ian McNicholls – Male domestic Real Life Story


Anouska Lancaster – Founder and Director of Nouska Design

Amanda Gummer Founder and CEO (Fundamentally Children)
Lucy Gill – Director and head of the Good App Guide (Fundamentally Children)

Karl Lund Recording artist, songwriter and music producer

Harriadnie Beau  Global brand embassador and supermodel

Sue Atkins Children’s expert

Shaun Attwood  Crime, Law & Order, Drugs Education, Prison, Addiction

Chris CowlinAuthor, actor and entrepreneur

Adel Kaseke  Head Creative Designer and Dressmaker

Michelle Lowe  Children’s Centre Administrator

Paul Robinson  Director (Maple Leaf Limited)

Debra Debs  Singer/songwriter

Sepi Roshan Founder (Astute Radio)

Danielle Espernberger  Salon Manager (The Parlour)
Ashleigh Palmer  Salon Manager (The Parlour)

Victor Ebuwa  Director (YOLO TV)
Vikki Tyler Main Cast Member (YOLO TV)
Mehgan Lee  Main Cast Member (YOLO TV)

Rachel Johns  Singers and Musical Theatre Performers

Nick Lucas Vintage Collector

Ingrid Collins Consultant Psychologist at The London Medical Centre in Harley St., B: Director of the Soul Therapy Centre.

Sandra Heap Therapeutic Foster Parent

Rene Cornelis 

Tyler Rix Pop/Soul Singer Songwriter, Saxophonist & International Model

Vivienne Goldstein – Relationshop Coach

Marilyn Glenville Dr/Phychologist

Hamira Riaz Dr Hamira Riaz DClinPsych PhD AFBPsS

James Buckley  Thorp – Founder (Rupert and Buckley)

Freddie Nwaka Founder/CEO (Creating Role Models, Gridloc Films, Back2Black)

James Buckley-Thorp Founder (Rupert and Buckley)

Gordon Boateng – Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Chris Meredith Poet

Ariana Sefre TV Presenter and Entrepreneur

Diana Parkinson Councellor and Alcohol expert

Nikki Carney Singer & Dancer

Sue Carney Business Partner (P & S Carney)
Pat Carney Business Partner, Entertainer & Musician (P & S Carney)

Malik Kaddu – Fitness instructor, sports therapist and sports model

Jordana Ashkenazi – TV Presenter, actor and producer

Lateefah – Singer/Songwriter

James Ellender Managing Director (Spun Candy)

Hilary Marsh Business Owner (Genius Drinks Limited)

Andrew Turner Athelete/Swimming teacher 

Ruchelle Scott Singer/Songwriter

Ian Hodgekinson – Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors (Company Director)

Ryan Boyle Fundraiser Singer/Song-writer

Jessica Robins – DeltAmour Girl Band (Artists)

Leillah Sekalala No Scrunchie (Founder)

Claire Barratt ‘ClaireaBella’ Founder & Managing Director

Catherine Scott Writer

Neil Hannah Zenned (Owner / CEO)

Jamie Denyer Lecturer, Mentor & Educator

Yvonne Twesigomwe Co-founder of One Bag Ugana (Co-founder)

Jenny Tschiesche Lunchbox Doctor Limited (Founder)

Eleni C Artist

Matt Ramsey Artist (football coach and singer)

Akua Konamah – Artist (singer/songwriter and guitarist)

Steven Robinson Inspirational / Motivational Speaker / Inventor

Michael Aston – Actor

Tahj Miles Young Actor

Arlette Lee  Alpaca designer

Stephan Pierre Mitchell Youth Group and mentoring

Rodrigo Rodrigo – Designer & Actor

Neomi Bennett Nurse and inventor

Jenni Steele

King Kash Artist/Producer

Bob Parsons

Sylvia Garvin – Founder of Sejuiced

Katie Coleman Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Wes Berwise Colourful Radio Best Male Presenter Award Winner

Verity Slattery

Lydia Lucy Singer

Rachael Black

Angela Gardener Co Founder

Molly Rainford Singer

Joeline Garner-Joel – Business Owner & actress

Louise Simms CEO
Marie Hanson – Mentor / Councillor

Debbie Dennis

Tom Hooker – Animal Man

Melanie Burnell – Founder of Founder of Website: Artists Info

Christopher Samsa – Positive Psychologist & Senior Consultant

Sallie Belton – Director of  Suit the City
Carol Rawson – Director of  Suit the City

Polly Walker – Teacher and special educational needs expert

Dr Arthur Cassidy

Warren Ryan – Motivational Speaker & Founder

Tara – Member of the public

Efua Akumanyi Web Developer

Helen Harbord Find fiction set in real places

Paul Manners Singer, Songwriter, Music producer and DJ & Host

Michelle Inch Owner, Pawfection Pet Boutique

Leon Legge Gilllingham FC Footballer

Ceilo Musical Band
Tom Jordan Bass
William John Phillips Guitar / EFX
Aaron Wright Drums & Percussion
George Britcher Guitar / Vocals
Arnob Basit Vocals

George Harrigan-Brown Financial Expert

Karen Ruffle Founder of bespoke Nutrition and Recipe Website

Julie Howell Public Speaking and Confidence Coach

Rob Kennedy Chef, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Damon Thomas Ice Cream Craftsman
Brad Smith Ice Cream Craftsman

Elizabeth Bennett Student

Aimee Bateman Career mentor

Hils Granger Band member
Si Connelly Band member

Mehmet & Erdo Hurrem Twin Actors/Models

Penelope Johnson Doctor

Estelle Ann Lewin Doctor

Hank Osasuna Actor

Lisa Kwei Singer/Songwriter

Lauren B Couture Royal Fashion Expert

Diana Jervis Etiquette Expert

Datsa Gaile For Any Woman Magazine

Laura Tamsitt Pessimist

Charlene Gayle Actress/Teacher

Claire Malcomson Actress, Performance teacher and Singer

Joanna Chamberlain Fitness trainer and Model

Tom Lewis Director of A & R from Decca Records

Milly Harris
Catherine Hart
Polly Baker
Nicola Kingston Singers, Celeste Girl Group
Twitter: @weareCeleste

Anjali Khanduri Creative Consultant/Producer, Celeste Girl Group

Kim Calera Model Coach with own fashion jewellery company

Naomi Isted Fashion and Beauty Expert

Richard Bray Voice-Over Artist

Sharon Idol DJ and Music Maker

Les Langley Britain’s Best Groomed Man

Sue Searle Trustee for Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood

Rachel Walker Choir Leader

Juanita Ingram Director, Dress for Success

Mike Wilkins Student/Fundraiser

Leah Perkins Psychologist

Cherelle Rose Miss Jamaica & Model

Ronald Delary-Simpson Iridologist and Nutritionist

Nihara Krause Doctor, Eating Disorders

Charlotte Rowley Her mother suffers from mental health issues

Dave Lee The Infinity Foundation

Donald Gayle Social Worker and Counsellor

Gerard Smith Model and Actor
Been through a divorce

Dave Gammon Author, Tidy Up On Your Way Out

Katherine Cormack Stakeholder Engagement Co-ordinator & Project Manager

Priti Shah Debt Solutions Expert

David Baum Debt Collector

Ian Pelham Turner Photographer

Helena Chard Photographer

Tony Pankhurst Model, Actor and Photographer

Jean Luc Lafitte Model, Actor and Photographer

Gina Negus Managing Director, Alternative Solutions

Karen Woods Author

Katharine Ayivor Clinical Psychologist (HCPC Registered & BPS Chartered)

Paul Ribbons Property marketing expert

Diane Dunkley RM2Music

Jim Lafferty Ex-CEO of Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola; current CEO of American Tobacco

Morgan Lafferty Jim’s Daughter

Prashant Jindal Eye Surgeon

Joe Blackman Party Planner – Collection 26

Shirin Singer/Songwriter

Isabella Franco Chef and Food Writer

Jules Standish Colour Expert

Tilly Maclay Model

Veronica Bentley Make-Up Artist

Dale Pinnock TV Chef

Gina & Amita Chrysanthou (mother and daughter) – Used to run a family restaurant, now Founders of Pukka PR

Dr Lucy Atcheson Counselling Psychologist

Zahra Palmer Singer/Songwriter

Jilly Wilson Overcame Epilepsy to Pursue Singing Career

Christine Clayton Dental Hygienist for Harley Street

Deborah Garvey Associate Coach for Speak Easily

Chris Keenan Given an Elocution Lesson on the Show

Ben Rebuck A Step-Child

Steve Halsall Health and Fitness Expert

Alison Henry Nutrition Expert

Rashid Aslam Founder/Director of Resco

Eleni Bekele Your complete Procurement Solution

Richard Townend and The Mighty Boss Cats – Blues Band

Hannah Richards Co-Director, Move Three Sixty

Sherene Changoo Used to see things negatively

Sally Austen Clinical Psychologist

Jo-Anne Scrivener-Cox Formerly a Shy Person

Jay Chinapyel Had her marriage arranged

Dr Jane McCartney Chartered Psychologist

Kim Stephenson Occupational Psychologist

Jessica McGregor Johnson International Author, Speaker & Coach

Joel Burman Male Ballet and Jazz Dancer

Andrew Stassi Founder/Director of Smudge-Free

Deborah Jay-Kelly Skin Problem Sufferer

Veronica Bentley Make-up Artist

Anthony Ghosh/DJ Talent – Former Britain’s Got Talent Contestant

Gavin Gamby-Boulger Wetnose Director/Founder

Caroline Spencer Owner of Pure Dog Listeners

Anna Kennedy Director of Anna Kennedy online

Blaire Palmer Business Expert

Thomas James Fencing The Pitcher

Jules Standish Colour Counsellor

Louise Ferguson Changed by Jules

Andrea Lewis Make-up Artist

Nicholas Dorsett Previous X-Factor Contestant

The Zimmers Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists

CeCe Sammy UK’s leading Mentor and Vocal Coach

Trevor Abrahmsohn Founder of Glentree International

Caroline Masvongo Successful businesswoman

Nicky Sanghera Business owner (Husband with a drug addiction)

Stephanie Smith

Theresa Gregoire Secret Spender

Christina Nicolaides TV Presenter

Rose De Paeztron Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Matthew Martino Learning to appreciate his mum better

Nathalie Salaun Psychologist

Mila Falls Singer/Song writer

Rob Jones Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer, Photographer

Sarah Gold Model/Actress

Julian Whiting Ex-Police Officer

Sharon Nayyar Solicitor

Ila Bell Youth Worker

Nina Lewis Founder of Platinum Performing Arts School

Platinum Performing Art Youths

Chika Ekemezie Former Bully

Samantha Easey Former victim of bullying

Kevin Lincoln Father suffers from Cancer

Hannah Bellamy Executive Director of Cancer Recovery

Justice Williams MBE – Social Entrepreneur

Adrian Burke Social Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Antillia Canoville received body language and confidence tips

Carly Tennant Actress

JD Hunt Actor

Barry and Margaret Mizen Parents of Jimmy Mizen

Marina Cantacuzino Founder of The Forgiveness Project

Dr. Prashant Jindal MD – Parenting Expert

Atul Sharma Dad
Rashmi Sharma Mum
Amrita Sharma Daughter

Bakita Kasadha Vice President for Welfare at the University of Surrey Students’ Union

Hannah Richards Nutritionist and Co-owner of Move Three Sixty

Marylin Schlamkow Project Director of GoodPeople

Phil Hawthorn Chef

Mila Victoria Make-Up Artist

Natalie Mason Bridal Model

Chris Keenan Guest Styled on Show

Jade Faulkner Guest Styled on Show

Maxine Campbell Real Life Story

Aaron Whitnall Wildlife Adventurer

Eva Keogan Social Media Business Owner/Blogger

Zoe Cunningham Technology Expert

Andy Jones Dating Expert

Victor Wilson Clinical Counsellor/Educator

Dr Rob Hicks GP

Asha Anofienem Real Life Story

Dr Prashant Jindal Fathering Expert

Don Butler Psychotherapist

Jayne Morris Professional Declutterer and Burnout Expert

Sean Brickell Confidence and Communication Expert

Ian Michie Counsellor/Psychotherapist

James Daly Advanced Personal Trainer

Steve Booker Weight Loss Success

Gill Fielding Founder, Fielding Financial Family

Pooja Shah Former Eastenders Actress

Debbie Georgiou Jinkksy Jewellery Founder

Clive Sawyer Business Director

Simon Warr Teacher/Broadcaster

Dan Owen Young Successful Blues Performer

Marylin Schlamkow Runs Career Coaching Business

Cate Mackenzie Love Coach

Keren Smedley Writer and Agony Aunt

James and Helena Marques Love experts

Reece Coker & Lawrence Hamilton – Combat Academy Instructors

Dale Pinnock Nutritionist and Chef

Patricia McGillicuddy Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Namita Prakash Regional Development Manager for The Survivors Trust

Chris Hoody Break Charity

Jarone Macklinpage Actor

Chelsea Black Love Expert

Emma Ziff Love Expert

Angela Massuco Psychotherapist

Emeka Egbuonu Author and Youth Worker

Terri Nash Counsellor

Cherie Watts Therapist and Coach

Abi Phillips Hollyoaks Actress and Singer

Dean Harris (Mr Swagger) Male Mind Expert

Mary Balfour Dating coach

Hans Meijer Counsellor

Anton Smith Business Counsellor/Ex-CEO

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan Sleep & Energy Therapist

Babi Chana Medical Nutritionist

Peter Gibson Director, Samaritans (Central London Branch)
Helpline: 0845 790 9090

Leah Beardmore-Alonson Brighton Theatre Group

Eloise Maslin Eastbourne Operatic & Dramatic Society

David Keigh aka Faith D Rapper

Tabitha Tew Businesswoman

Greg Winter Programme Facilitator, “Breaking the Cycle”
Glenn Fielder Paralysed After Being Stabbed at 16/Motivational Speaker

Annabel Kaye Employment Law Specialist

Matt Watts London Duck Tours Representative

Faye Treacy Comedian

Linzi Meaden Relationship Coach

Chris Markiewicz Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolution Coach

Special Guest: Nadia Eweida Took on BA and Won

Maryon Stewart Women’s Health Expert

Kinga Dolecka Image Consultant

Peter Baldock Salsa Instructor

Ingrid Wassenaar Dance Client

Sima Vaziry Jewellery Designer & Maker

Zoe Zipper Stylist

Ian Lock Leadership Development Consultant & Author

Helen Sanderson De-Clutterer & Interior Designer

Carol & Andrew West Owners, “Obsidian” (a health retreat in Spain)

Phoenix Ellis was homeless for 8 years

Yvonne Lennon Psychologist

Patrick Seller Teacher, Riverside Children’s Choir

Anna Hughes Musician, Riverside Children’s Choir

Riverside Children’s Choir

Tania-Rose Mellis Organiser

Jason Thompson National President, “Round Table”

Laurence Cohen Volunteer, “Nutmeg Community”

Seyi Okagha Personal Shopper

Lisa-Marie Bradnock Event Organiser

Elaine Hopkins The Redundancy Crusader

Linsey McNeill Editor, “The Travel Journalist”

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley Founder and CEO, “The Kids’ Cookery School”

Peter Saunders CEO, NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood)
Helpline: 0800 085 3330

Julia Webb-Harvey Works to support non-abusing parents and carers of sexually abused children
Helpline: 0800 980 1958

Michelle Nicholson Mrs Thrifty & Blogger, “Being Creative”

Piper Terrett Frugal Living Writer & Financial Journalist

Martin Harris London Parachute School

Sophie Mitchell Freelance PR & Independent Stylist

Cris Beetham Founder, Skin Blossom

Gemma Hurditch Director of Nutrition, The College of Naturopathic Medicine

Eryca Freemantle Award-winning Celebrity & International Make-up Artist

Chris & Linzi Meaden Transformation Coaching & Hypnosis for Personal Enhancement & High Performance (Met Through Speed Dating)

Thea Jolly Recovering Perfectionist & Happiness Coach

Tony Marturano Writer & Novelist

Dr Jeff Szymanski Clinical Psychologist & Creator, “The Perfectionist’s Handbook”

Jonathan Cridland CEO, Lumie

Claire Eva Pierce suffers from SAD & Therapist/Counsellor

Phil Measey Ghost Hunter

Pr Maurice de Medeiros local Clergyman

Dr Laura Nelson Writer & Gender Equality Expert

Geoff Lamb Psychotherapist with experience in men’s work

Pavan Amara Journalist & Campaigner, “No More Page 3”
Twitter: @NoMorePage3

Frank Starr Aspiring Singer

Dr Michael Sinclair Counselling Psychologist

Andrew Bernhardt Counsellor

Naomi Shragai Psychotherapist

Natalie Lue Relationships Writer

Helena Marques Chrissy’s Best Friend

Maggie Blanks Founder, “Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund”

Cassie Moore Abuse Survivor & Author, “Did You Hear Me Crying”

Natalie Collins Creator, “The DAY Programme”

Jennifer O’Toole Aspie, Advocate and Creator, “Asperkids”
John O’Toole Husband and Supporter, “Asperkids”

Juliet Diener Founder and Principal, “I Can Dance”

Denise Mitch Owner, Mitch Clothing

Rivkie Baum Editor, SLiNK Magazine

Jennifer Yates-Rowe Confident Plus-Size

Beverley Butler Survived an Abusive Relationship

Tony & Moira Julien Reconciled after extra-marital affairs

Michelle Bassam Counselling Therapist

Hazel Browne NHS Manager & Consultant

Tea Krulos Freelance Writer and Author, “Heroes in the Night”

Mark Prince Anti-Knife Crime Campaigner

Michael Reid 8-year imprisonment for Armed Robbery & Kidnapping

Lorraine Gilbert Palliative Care Team Leader

Frank Bond Author, ‘How to Live & Die Without Regrets’

Tolga Ors Chief Hugging Officer
Facebook: Free Hugs UK

Stuart McElwaine Ambassador for Hugs
Facebook: Free Hugs UK

Sheneire Newman Massage Therapist

Sarah Lake Publicist, “The Way to Happiness”

Craig Brauns singer/songwriter

D7 – D-Youngaz dance crew

Laolu Iyiola – Singer, V-Records

God’s Gift street dance crew

Gladeana MacMahon Reality TV Psychological Advisor

Heide Grange Reality TV contenstant on Joe Millionnaire

Prof Richard Wise

Dr Damien Ridge Professor of Health & Psychotherapist

Justin Basini – Founder of I-allow & Conservation Economy

Julie Court Founder of My Body Beautiful

Joseph K Adebola Immigration Consultant

Chris Matson Education Specialist & Consultant

Mike Davies Teacher & Author

Simran Kahani Author, Disowned by her family

Lynne Townley Barrister & Spokesperson of ‘Save Your Rights’

Scott Freeman Daughter was bullied online & Founder, “Cybersmile”

Adrienne Katz Director, “Bullying Intervention Group” (BIG) & Author, “Cyber Bullying & E-Safety”

Helen K Emms Author, mentor and speaker

Shelley Gilbert Psychotherapist & founder/CEO of Grief Encounter

Lara Morgan Mother of three and successful entrepreneur/founder, “Company Shortcuts” & Growth Enterprise Supporter

Clare Scott Dryden Founder of Childalert

Claire Sweeney Trainee Nanny

Caryn Nuttall Psychotherapist

Diana Parkinson Relationship Therapist

Mandy Saligari Clinical Director and founder of Charter Day Care

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips – Lost her son to drugs and founder/CEO of Drugfam
Helpline: 0845 388 3853

Bobby and Margaret Smith Authors of ‘One Love Two Colours’

Nigel and Jenny Heath Couples Coaches and Authors

Grace Bowman Former anorexic and author of ‘Thin’

Emily Gilmour Clinical Director of ‘The Recover Clinic’

Dr Jonathan Hazon General Practitioner

Florence Acquah Public Health Practioner

Helene Panzarino Body & mind transformation coach

Christine Bailey Nutritional consultant and chef

Professor Adrian Williams Consultant Physician of London Sleep Centre

Natalie Eldanasory Innovative makeup artist

Gianni Golfera Mr Memory & creator of  ‘Golfera Method’

Tim Atkinson –  Stay-at home dad and author

Neil Sinclair Stay-at-home dad and author

Denise Morgan Life coach

Jennifer Neville Life coach

Michele Paradise The Bridal Coach

Ellie Sanderson Bridal Retail Expert

Darwin Bernardo Co-founder, Nutmeg Community

Rui Octavio Co-founder, Nutmeg Community

Naweed Shams Founder, Inspiring Young People

Mala Mawkin Online Editor, Inspiring Young People

Carl Foster Author, ‘SelfMade’

Clare Gee Author, ‘Unhooked: The Rehab of a London Call Girl’

Rebecca Perry Safe Exit Coordinator

Dr Diane Keith Private GP / Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Steven Harris Cosmetic Doctor

Ben Wilson –  Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Mind Coach

Meghan Peterson Fenn Author, ‘Bringing Up Brits’

Jody-Lan Castle Freelance Journalist

Ali Campbell Celebrity Life Coach

Emma-Jane Brown Former International Showjumper & Businesswoman

Warren Vaheeswaran Director, Landmark Lifestyle London

Robert Ari Hair Integration Expert

Dr Catherine Loveday Principal Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Clive De Carle Health & Longevity Reseacher & Educator

Michelle Parekh General Project UK Consultant

Dima Yeremenko Founder, Good Boy Dog School

Jackie Weaver Animal Communicator

Sandra Strong TV & Film Dog Trainer

Sharon Wolter-Ferguson Founder, Hardly Ever Worn It

Natalya Wolter-Ferguson Director, Hardly Ever Worn It

Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson Director, Hardly Ever Worn It

Miriam Nicholls Creative Manager, Hardly Ever Worn It

Phil Birch Business Coach & Author, ‘Ethiconomics’

Catherine Austin Fitts Founder of Solari

Ian Fox Author, ‘Small Wants, Little Needs’

Sharon Lawton Parenting Coach

Carole Basseck Training Centre Manager

Jane Wrafter  – Fitness Expert

Rob Horslen Fitness Expert

The Institute of Krav Maga

Carol Ann Rice Life Coach

Therapeutic Massage in London

Maggie Morrow Klearminds

Sarah Briggs Counsellor

Robert Hudson Counsellor


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