Chrissy’s Events

As well as TV Presenting, Chrissy is also a speaker at various events, sharing her passionate message that there is always hope for those going through mental health issues.

Events she has spoken at include the ‘In Your Feelings’ at City Hall, Walking Out of Darkness organised by CLASP charity, the Helplines Partnership Conference, and talks at Universities including the University of Westminster and Nottingham University. She has also hosted and been a speaker at various women’s events and has also twice hosted the popular Love School event at SSE Arena to an audience of 11,000.

Her latest project is the MHDChallenge (Mental Health Dance Challenge) which she founded to encourage people to fight back against depression. Many organisations and youth groups have already taken part and Chrissy is also currently touring schools, teaching children the MHDChallenge and speaking to them about the importance of their mental health. Well over 1000 children of all ages have taken part in this project and the tour continues.

If you are interested in any of the projects Chrissy is involved in or would like her to speak at an event, please email