Viewer – John Kind
Hi Chrissy B Show!
All the way from Boston, MA giving you a shout out for the great work you’re doing for mental health, which is big here!

Guest – Jane Salazar (i-Speak):
Interviewing someone who has recently recently recovered from Selective Mutism – an anxiety disorder affecting the ability to speak – is no easy task. However, Chrissy took this on board with seemingly natural ease – without her sympathetic and strong interviewing skills I would never had managed to get the words out!!

Viewer – Sean Dagan Wood (Editor-in-chief of Positive News):
It’s great to contribute to a show that’s focused on mental health. I think it’s such an important topic that affects so many people in a lots of different ways.

Viewer – PH.G (@THEinfogatherer):
Folks, do yourself a holistic favour: watch @Chrissybshow Even record it! Your life WILL be so better for it!

Guest – Ryan B:
Chrissy made me feel very warn and welcoming, it wasn’t like being interviewed it was like talking to a friend. One of the most genuine ladies I have ever met.

Guest – Isobel Pollard (Guest from the Wish Centre):
Thank you so much for that fantastic opportunity, I had an amazing time and I feel so proud and ecstatic that people like you are raising awareness for such important matters.

Viewer – MaryAnne Skoda:
Thank you for posting this (self-injury awareness show). So important to understand self-injury, educate others and break the stigma of mental illness… Especially with a subject that may be taboo or some may feel too ashamed to talk about. Powerful video!

Guest – Sonya Roseman:
Thanks to Chrissy for making me feel so welcome and holding my hand! (Yes she held my hand!)…

Viewer – Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio 2 (Presenter):
Hi Chrissy, I’ve followed your work for some time, well done you for such a great show and bringing holistic stuff to the mainstream.

Guest – Isobel Pollard:
Thank you so much for that fantastic opportunity, I had an amazing time and I feel so proud and ecstatic that people like you are raising awareness for such important matters.

Viewer – Bianca Chappell:
Great show Chrissy. I’ve been watching for a while now & love it.

Guest – Solomon Taiwo:
Chrissy B Show I would definitely love to be back on, inspirational individuals #‎yourallwinners‬

Viewer – Christina O:
I have just seen your programme on World Cancer Day. It was amazing and a perfect programme. Well done to all of you concerned, it will certainly help a lot of people.

Viewer – PH.G (@THEinfogatherer):
💝 ‪#‎mentalhealth‬ superhero? I have three! They are just awe-inspiring! See them:
@PookyH @Chrissybshow @NorthSn

Viewer – Anita Narayan:
As someone that used to work in mental health nursing I think it is important to use platforms to highlight and create awareness about the various issues, as well as inspire others to know how they can make a difference. Keep up the good work!!

Viewer – PH.G (@THEinfogatherer):
No more gloom and doom stories before to go into our day: recharge positively with @Chrissybshow @TheSurreyTV @PositiveNewsUK

Viewer – Pascal HD:
At last! I am glad that positivity and hope seem to go through the cacophonic TV channels… There are powerful and inspiring people on the planet: Chrissy is one of them!

Viewer – (@THEinfogatherer):
Why do we NEED @Chrissybshow? Because it has powerful “remedies” for depressions 🇬🇧

Viewer – Roland Rugambwa:
Your show is interesting and inspiring definitely.

Viewer – Ada Mkparu:
Your show really helps me.

Viewer – Jamie Denyer – Award Winning (Inspirational Speaker):
(Chrissy) You are truly a light that shines brightly in the darkness.

Viewer – Antibullying Alliance:
Amazing work folks!

Viewer – Alyson Young:
Brilliant show about bullying. A new fan of this show xx.

Viewer – Edwin:
I enjoy watching your show with my family members. Thank you for your wonderful topics, very inspiring and aducative!

Viewer – Jane Willmott:
I think that your show is particularly important… to highlight and dicuss various aspects that could impact on someone’s life including (their) mental healthy… and show that there is hope and life at the end of the tunnel for them. I am a big fan of your show.

Viewer – YouTube viewer:
Ahh what a great show!! Used to wear a lot of black too, can’t stand it anymore on my skin. Love bright colours now, especially turquoise, orange, pink… Chrissy, you look soo good, love your shoes as well 🙂

Viewer – YouTube viewer:
Excellent feature on the show and a very brave and honest discussion from both guests and great hosting when dealing with such a delicate, personal and challenging matter.

Viewer – Carla Rodrigues:
I love your show! If I can’t watch it, I record it so I can watch it later. Thanks Chrissy for your show!!!!

Viewer – Trace Hale Fitzpatrick:
I find myself refreshed after your show x

Viewer – New viewer:
I’ve just watched your show and was blown away by it so much so I sent an email to Channel 5 telling them to pick it up.

Viewer – Alyson Young:
Brilliant show about bullying. A new fan of this show. xx

Viewer – Pam Custers:
Brilliant show tackling difficult subject.

Viewer – Uthman Kalungi:
I like your show-keep it up.

Viewer – EDWIN, from Uganda:
I enjoy watching your show with my family members. Thank you for your wonderful topics , very inspiring and educative!

Viewer – Audrey Tang:
I love that your show is not just about positive feeling, but so much about positive ACTION! xxx

Viewer – @THEinfogatherer:
@Chrissybshow @afterdepression Chrissy you are a 10 on my coolometer for an inspiring positive Messenger on TV! Gee, the UK needs this! 😉

Viewer – Tom Edutu:
Chrissy B, your style and hosting are remarkable.

Viewer – Edwin:
Thank you for your wonderful topics, very inspiring and educative!

Viewer – Saskia Neary:
Show on self harming was excellent. Needed!

Viewer – Alice Apio:
I love the shows and they inspire me.

Viewer – Christopher Barr:
Hi, my name is also Chrissy B and I’m a massive fan

Viewer – @UndercoverGlam:
Love the newsletters from #ChrissyB @Chrissybshow – the only weekly newsletter I receive #positivethinking #motivating – thank-you x

Viewer – Jas Glen:
I am a true follower..the words above are true about Chrissy hope your keeping well Chrissy and well done for the posts that I have kept up with for many months now!

Viewer – @JulieHowellPR):
I have a huge amount of respect for @Chrissybshow & what she has achieved. Well done, Chrissy x

Viewer – @EdmundGrnStGrn:
@Chrissybshow Glad to hear it, you’re a genuinely fun, inspiring show, well done

Viewer – tayyabahammond:
As a professor of media, cinema and culture, I am very impressed with your work, and the content of the programme. A chat show with actual health, fitness & style that is relaxed and informative is brill. Well done!

Great show. I learn new things every time I watch this show.

Viewer – Gordon Boateng:
Keep up the good work Chrissy, you are a true inspiration as well as leading the line for all females striving to do better in their life, showing others it is possible, helping inspiring people to believe in theirselves and make a change for the better.

Viewer – @JulieHowellPR:
I have a huge amount of respect for @Chrissybshow & what she has achieved. Well done, Chrissy x

Guest – JD Hunt:
Shot some scenes for The Chrissy B Show earlier this week. I look forward to seeing them on TV‬ soon. ‪#‎Actor‬ ‪#‎TalkShow‬

Guest – Emma Rule (Lip Up Media):
Thank you so much or having me on the show – it was a pleasure to spend time with such positive, professional and friendly people. Your show is inspirational, Chrissy B!

Guest – Pam Custers:
Brilliant show tackling difficult subjects.

Guest – Dr. Audrey Tang:
I love that your show is not just about positive feeling, but so much about positive action! xxx

Guest – Carolyn Brennan:
I was very happy to be on the show. (Chrissy), you were very encouraging and relaxed to work with.

Guest – Lip Up Media: 
Thank you so much for having me on! I haven’t seen it yet but will tomorrow. Such a positive show and a great help to many xx

Guest – Diane Ginn:
Thank you for inviting me on the show. It was the bravest and most powerful thing I’ve ever done. I found my voice and told the story without any shame or guilt.

Guest – Audrey Tang:
Thanks so much for having me – great fun…. Laughter is always the best medicine and this show is so good for the soul!

Guest – Laura Taylor-Vann:
Thank you for a wonderful time on your show

Guest – Trace Hale Fitzpatrick:
Thank you for a brilliant evening. It was a pleasure to meet you all…I Felt a bit scared ,but you put me at ease. I really enjoyed my makeover and got some really good tips. I left beaming… I am walking tall today

Guest – Fabia Cerra:
Chrissy,thank you for inviting me on the show. Your team are very warm and welcoming. Thanks you for your empathy,and giving me the opportunity to speak out about being bullied at school and trolled online

Guest – Cath Filby:
I really enjoyed the experience.
Chrissy is such a wonderful presenter and puts her guests at ease. Through sharing my breast cancer experience, I hope that others find it beneficial

Guest – @GloriaGloria771:
@Chrissybshow great to work with you. Chrissy you have a beautiful personality

Guest – Fabia Cerra:
@Chrissybshow It was a honour, and a pleasure to be interviewed by you tonight.

Guest – David Smith:
Your are all such nice people!
Your programme deals with personal and important issues in a very responsible way.

Guest – Ryan B:
One of the most genuine ladies I have ever met… such a pleasure being invited onto her show to share what I am doing for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund in loving memory of my mum to help raise awareness and help save lives. Chrissy made me feel very warm and welcoming… like talking to a friend…. Very uplifting knowing that you have the support of others not only Chrissy but the whole team (who) are so friendly and warming ☺

Thank you for having me @Chrissybshow, amazing platform for raw talent and inspiring stories! Keep it tuned!

Guest – Creamboomtown:
…great guys at the Chrissy B Show. I was on it too x

Guest – Katherine Cormack:
Chrissy was incredible and such a fantastic ambassador. I think her story is really inspiring and she is doing an amazing thing by being open about her experiences.

Guest – Debbie Peers-Smith:
It was so easy and enjoyable telling our story to you- what a great host Chrissie- Thank you so much

Guest – Anouska Lancaster:
A huge thank you to the lovely Chrissy B and everyone at the Chrissy B Show for having me on the show to talk about  Noushka Design and how to create a “Happy Home”

I had such a great time!

Guest – Anouska Lancaster:
A huge thank you to the lovely Chrissy B and everyone at The Chrissy B Show. I had such a great time!

Guest – Curvyswan by Adel Kaseke:
I had one amazing time of my life on that day, Amazing team and the beautiful and lovely Chrissy B, What an honour, Thank you for the opportunity Chrissy and Team. God bless. #Ifelt right at home

However, people can do things remarkably well when motivated out of a sense of genuine desire and inspiration

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