Shows this week

Monday 20th May – Rebuilding your life after losing it all, the truth about Dementia & lots more…

Imagine having it all. A happy family, money flowing in from a well-paid trade, a holiday home in sunny FloridA and then losing it all. What do you do and how do you build yourself back up? Richard Eckley found himself in this very situation. He was married with 3 children living in Swansea when the building trade was booming. As a carpenter working on new build sites, the money was flowing in and he even bought a four bedroom villa in Florida. But something happened and he lost everything and also got divorced. He tells us all about it and how he has since rebuilt his life.
We also get all your nutrition and medical questions answered by our experts, nutritionist Lily Soutter and Dr Rob Hicks.

Also we have some great advice from our Declutter Expert Sally Walford about decluttering before moving house because moving can be very stressful.

And finally we feature a good cause – We often see many scare stories in the media about Dementia or only hear about the bio-medical aspects of the condition. So to dispel the myths and give us the facts, we have on Louise Bates who is the Dementia Friends officer at the Alzhiemer’s society. She tells us their five key messages and some of what she’ll be talking about might actually surprise you.