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Monday 17th September – When someone tells you that you can’t

“You can’t do it.” “This isn’t for you.” “You need to be brainy to have your own business.” “You need a degree to be successful.” “You’ll never walk again.” “Your child will never speak.”

Have you ever been told that you or your child couldn’t do something? How did you feel and how did you react? Did it make you feel like giving up or did it bring out your fighting spirit?

Chrissy welcomes on a special young lady called Charlotte who was diagnosed with atypical autism at 3 years old and doctors expected her to remain non-verbal. But at the age of 5, something amazing happened. Joining her will be her mum Jayne and our resident correspondent Anna Kennedy.

Resident psychologist Dr Audrey Tang explores why some people crumble at negative comments and why others use it as fuel to achieve their dreams.

News correspondent Helena Chard brings us the latest positive news, Dr Rob Hicks answers your medical questions and fitness expert Natalia Kotowska takes us through a workout that you can do anywhere. And finally nutritionist Danielle Shine gives us a super healthy alternative for crackers and cereals to keep our health in tip top shape.