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Monday 19th November – Using our differences in a positive way

Things that we’ve been through can become a part of us and when it makes us different – like looking different or feeling different it’s hard to deal with – yet difference can make us more able to leave our little mark on the world.
This subject is going to be illustrated by Chrissy’s guest – 15-year-old Ella who was adopted at 9 months old, given up by her birth family as part of the 1 child policy in China)  Ella will be telling us about her struggles growing up not knowing her birth parents but also about how she tries to stay mentally strong. She is joined by our resident family coach Sharon Lawton who has been helping her in her journey of recovery.

Also on the show is resident psychologist Dr Audrey Tang in this week’s Psychology Matters segment, talking about how things we’ve been through can actually be used in a positive way and Helena Chard will be sharing positive news.
Declutter expert Sally Walford gives tips on creative rearranging and putting our own stamp on things. And we also have fitness expert Feyi Jegede with another workout you can do anywhere. And if that’s not enough to get your teeth into, we also have on nutritionist Hannah Richards to answer your food-related questions and to rustle up a lovely dish.