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Monday 16th December – How to deal with intrusive thoughts, coping with ageing parents, bird of prey therapy & lots more…

One of the things we will be covering on today’s show are intrusive thoughts – these are unwanted thoughts or images that you find distressing and/or disturbing. These unwanted thoughts are also known as obsessions and can result in compulsions, which are the things you do to help you cope with the unwanted thoughts. Chrissy herself used to have intrusive thoughts that led to compulsions which she also speaks about. But to illustrate just how distressing these thoughts can be, we have a video courtesy of the mental health channel of mothers who decided to open up about the thoughts that were plaguing them – one mother openly talks about the thoughts of leaving one of her children at a petrol station and driving off and throwing her baby in the swimming pool and walking away. The aim of sharing these experiences with you is to show you that you are not alone if you are facing this problem, that you’re not “evil” and that there is help for you.

Also on the show, is our psychologist Dr Audrey Tang speaking about how to deal with issues that arise when we have ageing parents. Nutritionist Severine Menem talks about the effects of sugar and some healthy alternatives. We also visit the Caldesi cookery school where owners Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi tell us about their restaurants and also show us how to make a low-carb and gluten free pizza. We have our workout of the week with Natalia Kotowska and a healthy recipe straight from Hannah Richard’s kitchen for stuffed pumpkins. And finally we see how birds of prey can be therapeutic.