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Monday 19th AugustTurning a problem into a business, 6 tricks to happy skin & more

It’s great to have ambition but wanting to be successful can also lead a person to become very busY, which is fine as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. But what if your schedule starts to turn into a “crazy” schedule, leaving you little time for yourself? This is what happened to Naphtaly Zimmerman who ended up getting depressed because of this kind of lifestyle. However she decided to do something about it and began to practice self care within the comfort of her home. However it didn’t stop there because what she developed she has now turned into an award-winning business. We also have on Dr Audrey Tang who talks about the great thing with turning a problem into a business.

We hear from our News Correspondent Helena Chard in a Helping of Happy bringing you positive news and also give you an idea for another fun outdoor activity great for your wellbeing.

And in line with Naphtaly’s story her crazy schedule as she describes it, led to serious issues – so Dr Rob Hicks gives his advice on how to relax.

Our beauty expert Sanni Sorma talks about 6 tricks to happy skin and nutritionist Hannah Richards shows us a healthy recipe great for the skin too starting with the inside.