Coach Chris Browne

Coach Chris Browne lives with a passion to help others overcome their personal blocks in life especially in their careers and general work life.

His passion comes from his own experience of challenges that he had to overcome, and a realisation that this is transferable to many other challenges that we all have to deal with in life and work, therefore through the study of Personal Development combined with his experience he has helped many overcome their challenges to date with a list of very happy clientele.

“Your competition is not with others, your competition is with you to become better today than you were yesterday, and just fantastic tomorrow” Coach Chris Browne

He delivers impactful talks and workshops on Effective Interview techniques, Potential and Direction, Career Goals, Confidence building, Effective Communication skills, Conflict Resolution, and The Power of Teamwork,  amongst other areas of development to Businesses, Organisations, Educational departments, and also 1-2-1 coaching

When it comes to interview skills he has perfected a style to help you overcome your fears and sell the better you.

Coach Chris has a way of inspiring people to think and not judge, to build confidence, to reach and achieve, to challenge oneself and to break those limiting barriers.

“It’s about, Inspiring Change for a Better you” Coach Chris Browne

Twitter: @ChrisBrowne23