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Chrissy B at The Love School Event in Wembley Arena


The pre-Love School entertainment

ChrissyB, Chris Browne and Robert served as excellent presenters, keeping the crowd entertained and engrossed from the start of the show until Renato and Cris took over. With a ton of prizes to give away, section A3 seemed to be on a roll as the majority of winners were called from that area of the arena.

Robert managed to get the whole of Wembley up on their feet, singing along to Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are’.

The VYG performances and DKW Sing Off were a great way to ensure that the audience remained hyped before the Love School started. The youth performers were energetic and full of life with their anthem, ‘Patiently Wait’ and ‘Live Life to the Fullest’ performances.

The Love School makes history!

If there had to be just one word to describe the success of the Love School Event on Sunday 22nd September, then not one adjective could do it the justice it deserves. But “phenomenal” would have to be the closest bet…

The excitement that had been building up for two anxious months – what felt like a lifetime – was so intense that 11,000 people packed inside Wembley Arena was sure to set off fireworks. And what an immensely successful event it was. The Love School surpassed absolutely everyone’s expectations.

The expressions on everyone’s faces, the feedback and the reception of the event depicted one thing – sheer amazement.

And if the atmosphere inside was anything to go by, then people outside were definitely feeling the love before the event had even started.


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