Liberate Your Make-up 1970’s Style

shutterstock_239737447In the 1970’s there were influences of liberation and feminism which had an impact on the make-up and beauty industry. The brands would market make-up in a way that was appealing for the new independent woman. For instance, women shown in less traditional ways lke going to work or wearing trousers in cosmetic adverts. There were three main looks natural, soft and smokey and loud and flashy.

Punk style make-up was also present in this era and popular with groups of both men and women. The use of shapes, designs and bold hard lines decorated the cheekbones and eyes to create maximum impact and expression.

The trending eyeshadow colours were blue, purples and greens, but with the natural pale pinks and browns equally as popular. The finish for the shadows most often was pearly and shimmering. There were no more hard lines but rather a blended sultry look or a colour wash (one solid hue over the lid) with a highlight of white or silver under the eyebrow. The use of eyeliner used to create a cat eye, also popular with young adults and teens was adding a streak of white liner directly behind a line of black.

The matte skin look with false lashes stayed in the 1960’s and women opted for a foundation that was dewy and matched the closest to their natural skin tone. This was with the idea that it would look ‘barely there’, however it tended to make the skintone all one colour taking away the natural contours of the face. The mascara was used to lengthen and not thicken and came in various colours including blue, grey, purple, brown and black.

Women’s eyebrows were thin or mid-thickness and were thinner towards the end. The blush colour was often a splash of rose tint or natural hue in a liquid opposed to powder formula.

If you want to match your 1970’s inspired look with a corresponding hairstyle or accessories try a middle part, Farrah Fawcett flicks or adding a pair of vintage frames to complete your transformation back in time.

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