How to beat dry itchy and flaky skin

shutterstock_229874356The cold and wet weather can sometimes be a bit harsh on the skin. It’s important to take preventative measures to ensure your skin performs its best through the Winter months. I have put together some top tips to get your skin soft and smooth.

One of the things we love when it’s cold outside is nice warm heat, this tends to dry the skin out so read on to find a way to provide extra moisture to compensate.

Moisturize Day and Night
Try using an oil-based formula opposed to a water-based formula as the oil will create an extra barrier to protect the skin. I love using coconut oil morning and evening, it smells so good and it’s a natural and inexpensive way to keep my face soft and smooth. Also in the evenings you can go with a heavier formula that has time to soak in and penetrate over time which will create long-lasting moisture for the morning.

Wear SPF and Sunglasses!
Just because we don’t see the sun as much as the Summer months doesn’t mean the UV rays are not capable of still damaging the skin in the Winter. Remember to wear an SPF primer or moisturizer during the day to protect your skin from unnessessary damage.

Dry Under Eye Area
Remember this area needs extra special attentions as it is very sensitive skin compared to the rest of the face. First things first, check your skin products used to wash your face, make sure your not using soaps or drying formulas. Products that state they are for ‘extra dry’ or sensitive skin are likly to avoid harsh formulas used for oily type skin.
Buy a special eye cream and use this everyday and overnight, let it soak in the morning and when you sleep. You can also opt for natural products such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera or jojoba oil.

Get Rid of Those Flaky Lips
When you are brushing your teeth in the morning, is a good time to take your toothbrush and lightly exfoliate your lips. Put a coat of vaseline or lip balm over the lips to protect and keep them moisturized all day long. Re-apply throughout the day and refrain from licking the lips as a substitute as this can create redness and inflamation which is painful and damaging to the skin.

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