Make-Up Tips To Make Your Face Look 10 Pounds Slimmer

It’s fair to say that during the holiday season is almost unavoidable to be eating and drinking more, hence increasing our calorie intake. Unfortunately with this sometimes unnoticable reality, comes the more noticable effect. This is a plump or rounding effect on a very obvious area on the body… your face!

If you are noticing this ‘effect’ and need an immediate slimming remedy. Have no fear! Follow the tips below to create the illusion of losing ten pounds off your face with these simple tips.

Light and Shade

Remember the principles, applying darker shades to the skin has a receding effect and applying a highlighter or lighter shade elevates the area. Choose a matte bronzer or concealer two shades darker than your skin colour. Then apply this shade directly under the cheek bone to create a ‘sunken’ effect. This results in the illusion of a narrow face and more defined cheek. To identify where to apply the dark shade, make a ‘fish face’, which is sucking in your cheeks to see where they naturally go into the face and follow this silouette.

Abolish The “Double Chin”

Apply the same darker shade make-up all along the jawline up to where the jaw meets your ear. This creates definition between the bottom of your face and your neck. Sometimes eating too much turkey could result in having a neck like one! Therefore be sure to remember to pay special attention to this area of the face as it makes a significant difference in creating this look. Let There Be Light!

Bring attention to the centre not the outside of your face! By using a colour two shades lighter concealer or highlighter to bring forward these features. Apply your highlight to the tops of your cheekbone, middle of the nose (often referred to as the ‘bridge’),middle of forehead, on top of the cupid’s bow (skin part on the middle area of your upper lip) and middle of your chin.

You can also ‘narrow’ a wider nose by applying your dark shade on either side of the nose and blending. Remember to be careful not to allow the darker shades to creep into the areas you have applied highlighter. The reason is that this could look like dirt on your face as opposed to natural contour.

Hope you have enjoyed these tips ladies and gents! Please write in with any make-up questions or requests of looks or topics you want to learn more about.

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