Make-up Tips and Guidelines for Bridal and Special Occasions

Firstly all you bride to be’s, congratulations on your engagement! With all the planning going on before the wedding, creating the perfect look for the day is one thing you need not worry about!

Where to start? How to choose “The Look”
Have a look at magazines, papers, or online for a make-up look that you love or a celebrity look you feel suits your personality. This will give you or your make-up artist direction in terms of what products to use for your trial. If you are not hiring a make-up artist, it is best to consult your nearest make-up counter to receive some guidance in terms of products to suit your skin type and to guide your colour choices.

Skin Preparation
Think about the location, is it going to be hot, humid or maybe it will be rainy and cold. Not sure? Think about the weather and month you are getting married in that should give you more accuracy.

For destinations with high humidity, you will need a good quality primer to keep your make-up from sliding off your face. I trust Shu Uemura’s foam mousse uv primer that has spf 30, and available in different formulas to suit your skin type.

If it is a dry climate you need to ‘up’ the hydration factor and effort to create that glow, try using Laura Mercier’s hydrating primer.

If your skin is oily or you suffer from large pores, why not try a pore refiner like MAC Cosmetics Prep and Prime T-zone Primer. This can be used nightly as a treatment and on the day to minimize the appearance of pores!

Make-up That Lasts from Sunrise to Dusk
Let’s be honest, it is quite likely there will be waterworks….and on maybe more than one occasion throughout the day! So, be prepared to have your make-up survive it’s original state through it all. -Make sure your mascara and eyeliner is a waterproof formula. I love Clinique’s High Impact Waterproof Mascara and YSL waterproof eyeliner formula. -Have access to touch-up lipstick and powder. You will need this after you eat, drink and kiss all your loved ones throughout the event.

Ilamasqua’s translucent powder is a colourless formula that suits all skin tones, illuminating that shine on the face that is not flattering in photos.

Natural vs No Make-up Look
Don’t be confused about the two! Looking ‘naturally beautiful’ in pictures does not mean no colour or definition. It is always worth trying a pair of top lashes to boost the intensity of your eyes….trust me. I love using MAC Cosmetics 7 Lash for brides, as these provide natural impact to give that little extra!

Make Sure to Take Pictures of Yourself
Use a professional camera no not your phone camera to snap the make-up look you intend to wear on your big day. You will be surprised at how a little colour and definition is truly needed for that ‘natural bride look’ to shine through in high definition photos. Be prepared and you can avoid disappointment. This will bring you confidence on the day.

I wish you all the best and remember confidence and happiness is the most important beauty secret that guarantee you look absolutely gorgeous!

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