Marilyn Hawes (Child Abuse Protection Expert)

As a teacher Marilyn attended many courses on Child Protection and asks why none of them gave information on how to recognise “grooming” in order to protect children. This remains the case today with many courses. The ability to recognise “grooming” behaviours is an essential learnable skill.

 Marilyn regularly speaks to the Media, public, organisations, schools, conferences, parents and children across the UK to break the culture of silence and resistance educating people with correct, relevant and vital information to prevent child sexual abuse and tune into their instincts.

Marilyn has been involved in many TV programmes such as ‘Judges in the Dock’ with Mark Easton from BBC. She has appeared on BBC “ Songs of Praise “ and is regularly involved with BBC News, Radio 5 Live, SKY news, Press and others. Marilyn was also awarded “Most inspirational Woman of the year 2017 “

Freedom from Abuse training is now delivered in Europe and across the UK.