Previous Guests


Freddie Nwaka - Founder/CEO (Creating Role Models, Gridloc Films, Back2Black)

James Buckley-Thorp – Founder (Rupert and Buckley)

Gordon Boateng - Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Chris Meredith - Poet

Ariana Sefre - TV Presenter and Entrepreneur

Diana Parkinson – Councellor and Alcohol expert

Nikki Carney - Singer & Dancer

Sue Carney - Business Partner (P & S Carney)

Pat Carney - Business Partner, Entertainer & Musician (P & S Carney)

Malik Kaddu - Fitness instructor, sports therapist and sports model

Malik Kaddu - Fitness instructor, sports therapist and sports model

Jordana Ashkenazi - TV Presenter, actor and producer

Lateefah - Singer/Songwriter

James Ellender - Managing Director (Spun Candy)

Hilary Marsh - Business Owner (Genius Drinks Limited)

Andrew Turner - Athelete/Swimming teacher 

Ruchelle Scott - Singer/Songwriter

Ian Hodgekinson - Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors (Company Director)

Ryan Boyle - Fundraiser Singer/Song-writer

Jessica Robins - DeltAmour Girl Band (Artists)

Leillah Sekalala - No Scrunchie (Founder)

Claire Barratt - ‘ClaireaBella’ Founder & Managing Director

Catherine Scott - Writer

Neil Hannah – Zenned (Owner / CEO)

Jamie Denyer - Lecturer, Mentor & Educator

Yvonne Twesigomwe - Co-founder of One Bag Ugana (Co-founder)

Jenny Tschiesche - Lunchbox Doctor Limited (Founder)

Eleni C - Artist

Matt Ramsey - Artist (football coach and singer)

Akua Konamah - Artist (singer/songwriter and guitarist)

Steven Robinson - Inspirational / Motivational Speaker / Inventor

Michael Aston - Actor

Tahj Miles - Young Actor

Arlette Lee - Alpaca designer

Stephan Pierre Mitchell - Youth Group and mentoring

Rodrigo Rodrigo - Designer & Actor

Neomi Bennett - Nurse and inventor

Jenni Steele

King Kash - Artist/Producer

Bob Parsons

Sylvia Garvin - Founder of Sejuiced

Katie Coleman - Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Wes Berwise - Colourful Radio Best Male Presenter Award Winner

Verity Slattery

Lydia Lucy - Singer

Rachael Black

Angela Gardener - Co Founder

Molly Rainford - Singer

Joeline Garner-Joel - Business Owner & actress

Louise Simms - CEO
Marie Hanson - Mentor / Councillor

Debbie Dennis

Tom Hooker - Animal Man

Melanie Burnell - Founder of Founder of Website: Artists Info

Christopher Samsa - Positive Psychologist & Senior Consultant

Sallie Belton - Director of  Suit the City
Carol Rawson - Director of  Suit the City

Polly Walker - Teacher and special educational needs expert

Dr Arthur Cassidy

Warren Ryan - Motivational Speaker & Founder

Tara - Member of the public

Efua Akumanyi - Web Developer

Helen Harbord - Find fiction set in real places

Paul Manners – Singer, Songwriter, Music producer and DJ & Host

Michelle Inch – Owner, Pawfection Pet Boutique

Leon Legge – Gilllingham FC Footballer

Ceilo Musical Band
Tom Jordan – Bass
William John Phillips – Guitar / EFX
Aaron Wright – Drums & Percussion
George Britcher - Guitar / Vocals
Arnob Basit – Vocals

George Harrigan-Brown – Financial Expert

Karen Ruffle – Founder of bespoke Nutrition and Recipe Website

Julie Howell – Public Speaking and Confidence Coach

Rob Kennedy – Chef, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Damon Thomas – Ice Cream Craftsman
Brad Smith – Ice Cream Craftsman

Elizabeth Bennett – Student

Aimee Bateman – Career mentor

Hils Granger – Band member
Si Connelly - Band member

Mehmet & Erdo Hurrem – Twin Actors/Models

Penelope Johnson – Doctor

Estelle Ann Lewin – Doctor

Hank Osasuna – Actor

Lisa Kwei - Singer/Songwriter

Lauren B Couture – Royal Fashion Expert

Diana Jervis – Etiquette Expert

Datsa Gaile – For Any Woman Magazine

Laura Tamsitt - Pessimist

Charlene Gayle – Actress/Teacher

Claire Malcomson – Actress, Performance teacher and Singer

Joanna Chamberlain – Fitness trainer and Model

Tom Lewis – Director of A & R from Decca Records

Milly Harris
Catherine Hart
Polly Baker
Nicola Kingston – Singers, Celeste Girl Group
Twitter: @weareCeleste

Anjali Khanduri – Creative Consultant/Producer, Celeste Girl Group

Kim Calera - Model Coach with own fashion jewellery company

Naomi Isted – Fashion and Beauty Expert

Richard Bray – Voice-Over Artist

Sharon Idol – DJ and Music Maker

Les Langley - Britain’s Best Groomed Man

Sue Searle - Trustee for Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood

Rachel Walker – Choir Leader

Juanita Ingram – Director, Dress for Success

Mike Wilkins – Student/Fundraiser

Leah Perkins – Psychologist

Cherelle Rose - Miss Jamaica & Model

Ronald Delary-Simpson – Iridologist and Nutritionist

Nihara Krause – Doctor, Eating Disorders

Charlotte Rowley – Her mother suffers from mental health issues

Dave Lee - The Infinity Foundation

Donald Gayle – Social Worker and Counsellor

Gerard Smith - Model and Actor
Been through a divorce

Dave Gammon – Author, Tidy Up On Your Way Out

Katherine Cormack – Stakeholder Engagement Co-ordinator & Project Manager

Priti Shah - Debt Solutions Expert

David Baum – Debt Collector

Ian Pelham Turner – Photographer

Helena Chard – Photographer

Tony Pankhurst – Model, Actor and Photographer

Jean Luc Lafitte – Model, Actor and Photographer

Gina Negus – Managing Director, Alternative Solutions

Karen Woods – Author

Katharine Ayivor – Clinical Psychologist (HCPC Registered & BPS Chartered)

Paul Ribbons – Property marketing expert

Diane Dunkley - RM2Music

Jim Lafferty – Ex-CEO of Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola; current CEO of American Tobacco

Morgan Lafferty – Jim’s Daughter

Prashant Jindal – Eye Surgeon

Joe Blackman – Party Planner – Collection 26

Shirin – Singer/Songwriter

Isabella Franco – Chef and Food Writer

Jules Standish – Colour Expert

Tilly Maclay – Model

Veronica Bentley - Make-Up Artist

Dale Pinnock – TV Chef

Gina & Amita Chrysanthou (mother and daughter) – Used to run a family restaurant, now Founders of Pukka PR

Dr Lucy Atcheson – Counselling Psychologist

Zahra Palmer – Singer/Songwriter

Jilly Wilson – Overcame Epilepsy to Pursue Singing Career

Christine Clayton – Dental Hygienist for Harley Street

Deborah Garvey - Associate Coach for Speak Easily

Chris Keenan – Given an Elocution Lesson on the Show

Ben Rebuck - A Step-Child

Steve Halsall – Health and Fitness Expert

Alison Henry – Nutrition Expert

Rashid Aslam - Founder/Director of Resco

Eleni Bekele – Your complete Procurement Solution

Richard Townend and The Mighty Boss Cats – Blues Band

Hannah Richards – Co-Director, Move Three Sixty

Sherene Changoo – Used to see things negatively

Sally Austen – Clinical Psychologist

Jo-Anne Scrivener-Cox – Formerly a Shy Person

Jay Chinapyel – Had her marriage arranged

Dr Jane McCartney – Chartered Psychologist

Kim Stephenson – Occupational Psychologist

Jessica McGregor Johnson – International Author, Speaker & Coach

Joel Burman – Male Ballet and Jazz Dancer

Andrew Stassi – Founder/Director of Smudge-Free

Deborah Jay-Kelly - Skin Problem Sufferer

Veronica Bentley – Make-up Artist

Anthony Ghosh/DJ Talent – Former Britain’s Got Talent Contestant

Gavin Gamby-Boulger – Wetnose Director/Founder

Caroline Spencer – Owner of Pure Dog Listeners

Anna Kennedy - Director of Anna Kennedy online

Blaire Palmer – Business Expert

Thomas James Fencing – The Pitcher

Jules Standish – Colour Counsellor

Louise Ferguson – Changed by Jules

Andrea Lewis – Make-up Artist

Nicholas Dorsett – Previous X-Factor Contestant

The Zimmers – Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists

CeCe Sammy – UK’s leading Mentor and Vocal Coach

Trevor Abrahmsohn – Founder of Glentree International

Caroline Masvongo – Successful businesswoman

Nicky Sanghera – Business owner (Husband with a drug addiction)

Stephanie Smith

Theresa Gregoire - Secret Spender

Christina Nicolaides – TV Presenter

Rose De Paeztron – Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Matthew Martino – Learning to appreciate his mum better

Nathalie Salaun – Psychologist

Mila Falls – Singer/Song writer

Rob Jones – Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer, Photographer

Sarah Gold – Model/Actress

Julian Whiting – Ex-Police Officer

Sharon Nayyar – Solicitor

Ila Bell – Youth Worker

Nina Lewis – Founder of Platinum Performing Arts School

Platinum Performing Art Youths

Chika Ekemezie – Former Bully

Samantha Easey – Former victim of bullying

Kevin Lincoln – Father suffers from Cancer

Hannah Bellamy - Executive Director of Cancer Recovery

Justice Williams MBE – Social Entrepreneur

Adrian Burke – Social Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Antillia Canoville – received body language and confidence tips

Carly Tennant – Actress

JD Hunt – Actor

Barry and Margaret Mizen – Parents of Jimmy Mizen

Marina Cantacuzino – Founder of The Forgiveness Project

Dr. Prashant Jindal MD – Parenting Expert

Atul Sharma – Dad

Rashmi Sharma – Mum

Amrita Sharma – Daughter

Bakita Kasadha – Vice President for Welfare at the University of Surrey Students’ Union

Hannah Richards – Nutritionist and Co-owner of Move Three Sixty

Marylin Schlamkow – Project Director of GoodPeople

Phil Hawthorn – Chef

Mila Victoria – Make-Up Artist

Natalie Mason – Bridal Model

Chris Keenan – Guest Styled on Show

Jade Faulkner – Guest Styled on Show

Maxine Campbell – Real Life Story

Aaron Whitnall – Wildlife Adventurer

Eva Keogan – Social Media Business Owner/Blogger

Zoe Cunningham – Technology Expert

Andy Jones – Dating Expert

Victor Wilson – Clinical Counsellor/Educator

Dr Rob Hicks – GP

Asha Anofienem – Real Life Story

Dr Prashant Jindal – Fathering Expert

Don Butler – Psychotherapist

Jayne Morris – Professional Declutterer and Burnout Expert

Sean Brickell – Confidence and Communication Expert

Ian Michie – Counsellor/Psychotherapist

James Daly – Advanced Personal Trainer

Steve Booker – Weight Loss Success

Gill Fielding – Founder, Fielding Financial Family

Pooja Shah – Former Eastenders Actress

Debbie Georgiou – Jinkksy Jewellery Founder

Clive Sawyer – Business Director

Simon Warr - Teacher/Broadcaster

Dan Owen – Young Successful Blues Performer

Marylin Schlamkow – Runs Career Coaching Business

Cate Mackenzie – Love Coach

Keren Smedley – Writer and Agony Aunt

James and Helena Marques – Love experts

Reece Coker & Lawrence Hamilton - Combat Academy Instructors

Dale Pinnock - Nutritionist and Chef

Patricia McGillicuddy – Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Namita Prakash – Regional Development Manager for The Survivors Trust

Chris Hoody – Break Charity

Jarone Macklinpage – Actor

Chelsea Black – Love Expert

Emma Ziff – Love Expert

Angela Massuco – Psychotherapist

Emeka Egbuonu – Author and Youth Worker

Terri Nash – Counsellor

Cherie Watts – Therapist and Coach

Abi Phillips – Hollyoaks Actress and Singer

Dean Harris (Mr Swagger) – Male Mind Expert

Mary Balfour - Dating coach

Hans Meijer – Counsellor

Anton Smith – Business Counsellor/Ex-CEO

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan – Sleep & Energy Therapist

Babi Chana – Medical Nutritionist

Peter Gibson – Director, Samaritans (Central London Branch)
Helpline: 0845 790 9090

Leah Beardmore-Alonson – Brighton Theatre Group

Eloise Maslin – Eastbourne Operatic & Dramatic Society

David Keigh aka Faith D – Rapper

Tabitha Tew - Businesswoman

Greg Winter – Programme Facilitator, “Breaking the Cycle”
Glenn Fielder - Paralysed After Being Stabbed at 16/Motivational Speaker

Annabel Kaye – Employment Law Specialist

Matt Watts – London Duck Tours Representative

Faye Treacy – Comedian

Linzi Meaden – Relationship Coach

Chris Markiewicz – Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Resolution Coach

Special Guest: Nadia Eweida – Took on BA and Won

Maryon Stewart – Women’s Health Expert

Kinga Dolecka – Image Consultant

Peter Baldock – Salsa Instructor

Ingrid Wassenaar - Dance Client

Sima Vaziry – Jewellery Designer & Maker

Zoe Zipper – Stylist

Ian Lock – Leadership Development Consultant & Author

Helen Sanderson – De-Clutterer & Interior Designer

Carol & Andrew West – Owners, “Obsidian” (a health retreat in Spain)

Phoenix Ellis – was homeless for 8 years

Yvonne Lennon – Psychologist

Patrick Seller - Teacher, Riverside Children’s Choir

Anna Hughes - Musician, Riverside Children’s Choir

Riverside Children’s Choir

Tania-Rose Mellis – Organiser

Jason Thompson – National President, “Round Table”

Laurence Cohen – Volunteer, “Nutmeg Community”

Seyi Okagha – Personal Shopper

Lisa-Marie Bradnock – Event Organiser

Elaine Hopkins – The Redundancy Crusader

Linsey McNeill – Editor, “The Travel Journalist”

Fiona Hamilton-Fairley - Founder and CEO, “The Kids’ Cookery School”

Peter Saunders – CEO, NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood)
Helpline: 0800 085 3330

Julia Webb-Harvey - Works to support non-abusing parents and carers of sexually abused children
Helpline: 0800 980 1958

Michelle Nicholson – Mrs Thrifty & Blogger, “Being Creative”

Piper Terrett - Frugal Living Writer & Financial Journalist

Martin Harris – London Parachute School

Sophie Mitchell – Freelance PR & Independent Stylist

Cris Beetham – Founder, Skin Blossom

Gemma Hurditch – Director of Nutrition, The College of Naturopathic Medicine

Eryca Freemantle - Award-winning Celebrity & International Make-up Artist

Chris & Linzi Meaden – Transformation Coaching & Hypnosis for Personal Enhancement & High Performance (Met Through Speed Dating)

Thea Jolly - Recovering Perfectionist & Happiness Coach

Tony Marturano – Writer & Novelist

Dr Jeff Szymanski - Clinical Psychologist & Creator, “The Perfectionist’s Handbook”

Jonathan Cridland – CEO, Lumie

Claire Eva Pierce - suffers from SAD & Therapist/Counsellor

Phil Measey – Ghost Hunter

Pr Maurice de Medeiros – local Clergyman

Dr Laura Nelson – Writer & Gender Equality Expert

Geoff Lamb – Psychotherapist with experience in men’s work

Pavan Amara – Journalist & Campaigner, “No More Page 3”
Twitter: @NoMorePage3

Frank Starr – Aspiring Singer

Dr Michael Sinclair - Counselling Psychologist

Andrew Bernhardt – Counsellor

Naomi Shragai – Psychotherapist

Natalie Lue – Relationships Writer

Helena Marques – Chrissy’s Best Friend

Maggie Blanks – Founder, “Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund”

Cassie Moore – Abuse Survivor & Author, “Did You Hear Me Crying”

Natalie Collins – Creator, “The DAY Programme”

Jennifer O’Toole – Aspie, Advocate and Creator, “Asperkids”
John O’Toole – Husband and Supporter, “Asperkids”

Juliet Diener - Founder and Principal, “I Can Dance”

Denise Mitch – Owner, Mitch Clothing

Rivkie Baum – Editor, SLiNK Magazine

Jennifer Yates-Rowe – Confident Plus-Size

Beverley Butler - Survived an Abusive Relationship

Tony & Moira Julien – Reconciled after extra-marital affairs

Michelle Bassam – Counselling Therapist

Hazel Browne – NHS Manager & Consultant

Tea Krulos – Freelance Writer and Author, “Heroes in the Night”

Mark Prince – Anti-Knife Crime Campaigner

Michael Reid - 8-year imprisonment for Armed Robbery & Kidnapping

Lorraine Gilbert – Palliative Care Team Leader

Frank Bond – Author, ‘How to Live & Die Without Regrets’

Tolga Ors – Chief Hugging Officer
Facebook: Free Hugs UK

Stuart McElwaine – Ambassador for Hugs
Facebook: Free Hugs UK

Sheneire Newman – Massage Therapist

Sarah Lake - Publicist, “The Way to Happiness”

Craig Brauns – singer/songwriter

D7 – D-Youngaz dance crew

Laolu Iyiola - Singer, V-Records

God’s Gift – street dance crew

Gladeana MacMahon – Reality TV Psychological Advisor

Heide Grange – Reality TV contenstant on Joe Millionnaire

Prof Richard Wise

Dr Damien Ridge – Professor of Health & Psychotherapist

Justin Basini - Founder of I-allow & Conservation Economy

Julie Court – Founder of My Body Beautiful

Joseph K Adebola – Immigration Consultant

Chris Matson – Education Specialist & Consultant

Mike Davies – Teacher & Author

Simran Kahani – Author, Disowned by her family

Lynne Townley – Barrister & Spokesperson of ‘Save Your Rights’

Scott Freeman – Daughter was bullied online & Founder, “Cybersmile”

Adrienne Katz - Director, “Bullying Intervention Group” (BIG) & Author, “Cyber Bullying & E-Safety”

Helen K Emms - Author, mentor and speaker

Shelley Gilbert - Psychotherapist & founder/CEO of Grief Encounter

Lara Morgan – Mother of three and successful entrepreneur/founder, “Company Shortcuts” & Growth Enterprise Supporter

Clare Scott Dryden – Founder of Childalert

Claire Sweeney - Trainee Nanny

Caryn Nuttall – Psychotherapist

Diana Parkinson – Relationship Therapist

Mandy Saligari – Clinical Director and founder of Charter Day Care

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips – Lost her son to drugs and founder/CEO of Drugfam
Helpline: 0845 388 3853

Bobby and Margaret Smith – Authors of ‘One Love Two Colours’

Nigel and Jenny Heath – Couples Coaches and Authors

Grace Bowman - Former anorexic and author of ‘Thin’

Emily Gilmour - Clinical Director of ‘The Recover Clinic’

Dr Jonathan Hazon – General Practitioner

Florence Acquah – Public Health Practioner

Helene Panzarino – Body & mind transformation coach

Christine Bailey – Nutritional consultant and chef

Professor Adrian Williams – Consultant Physician of London Sleep Centre

Natalie Eldanasory – Innovative makeup artist

Gianni Golfera – Mr Memory & creator of  ‘Golfera Method’

Tim Atkinson -  Stay-at home dad and author

Neil Sinclair – Stay-at-home dad and author

Denise Morgan – Life coach

Jennifer Neville – Life coach

Michele Paradise – The Bridal Coach

Ellie Sanderson – Bridal Retail Expert

Darwin Bernardo – Co-founder, Nutmeg Community

Rui Octavio - Co-founder, Nutmeg Community

Naweed Shams – Founder, Inspiring Young People

Mala Mawkin – Online Editor, Inspiring Young People

Carl Foster - Author, ‘SelfMade’

Clare Gee - Author, ‘Unhooked: The Rehab of a London Call Girl’

Rebecca Perry – Safe Exit Coordinator

Dr Diane Keith – Private GP / Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Steven Harris – Cosmetic Doctor

Ben Wilson –  Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Mind Coach

Meghan Peterson Fenn - Author, ‘Bringing Up Brits’

Jody-Lan Castle – Freelance Journalist

Ali Campbell – Celebrity Life Coach

Emma-Jane Brown – Former International Showjumper & Businesswoman

Warren Vaheeswaran - Director, Landmark Lifestyle London

Robert Ari – Hair Integration Expert

Dr Catherine Loveday – Principal Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Clive De Carle – Health & Longevity Reseacher & Educator

Michelle Parekh – General Project UK Consultant

Dima Yeremenko – Founder, Good Boy Dog School

Jackie Weaver – Animal Communicator

Sandra Strong – TV & Film Dog Trainer

Sharon Wolter-Ferguson – Founder, Hardly Ever Worn It

Natalya Wolter-Ferguson – Director, Hardly Ever Worn It

Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson – Director, Hardly Ever Worn It

Miriam Nicholls – Creative Manager, Hardly Ever Worn It

Phil Birch – Business Coach & Author, ‘Ethiconomics’

Catherine Austin Fitts – Founder of Solari

Ian Fox – Author, ‘Small Wants, Little Needs’

Sharon Lawton – Parenting Coach

Carole Basseck - Training Centre Manager

Jane Wrafter  – Fitness Expert

Rob Horslen – Fitness Expert

The Institute of Krav Maga

Carol Ann Rice – Life Coach

Therapeutic Massage in London

Maggie Morrow - Klearminds

Sarah Briggs – Counsellor

Robert Hudson – Counsellor


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