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chiThe host, Chrissy B, aka Christoulla Boodram, is a happy, friendly and caring presenter who loves life. Having battled with depression and panic attacks for many years and now completely recovered, she is passionate about sharing her happiness and positivity with the public.

Born and bred in London, Chrissy B’s portfolio career spans across human resources, web and graphic design, and press and community outreach projects before she found a niche in TV presenting.

Over the past ten years she has presented Your Say, a controversial current affairs show, two women’s TV shows, and another that focussed on helping people find solutions to life’s problems.

Career highlights have included presenting various women’s conventions and hosting the Love School event at Wembley arena for an enthusiastic audience of over 11,000 in 2013 and 2014.

Chrissy claims that her greatest achievements have been a winter climb of Ben Nevis and completing 5K runs for charity including one for Cancer Research UK. At a more personal level, she considers that her best success was in overcoming depression and panic attacks, having summoned the courage to open up about her situation and get counselling and advice.

Chrissy met her husband, Michael, at university. They faced many problems in the early years of their relationship due to her depression, but came through and have now been very happily married for 16 years. Michael is one of the people she most admires.

Her life’s goal is to spread the happiness she has found to other people through her TV show, events, her writing and any other way she can. She loves to learn and develop and believes that everyone can continue to learn, grow and improve whatever their age or circumstances.

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* Photo taken by Mark Seymour



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