Shows this week

Monday 18th September – Managing Emotions in the Workplace

Now controlling our emotions can feel difficult at the best of times, never mind in the workplace. What do you so if you’re in a team at work that isn’t functioning very well, or you’re in a position of authority, and are expected to keep it together, all the time? Well if that rings a bell, we have lots of advice on our show with our resident guests: Coach Chris Browne will be giving 5 tips on how not to let emotions break a team down and Dr Audrey Tang tells us about the different ways in which we can control our emotions in high pressure environments. We also have Helena Chard on hand to give us this week’s positive news in Behind the Fame, and we feature Happiful – a mental health and wellbeing magazine on a mission to create a healthier and happier society through inspiring life stories and positive news. We also have a
special performance by Ozona of ‘Believe It To See It’ and Chrissy reveals how she controls her emotions at work.

Wednesday 20th September – Alternative Education, Best Food for Removing Waste & More

Chrissy is joined by special guest Viola Edward, the ‘Clarity Coach’, who broke free from a troubled childhood to achieve her childhood ambition of becoming an alternative Psychotherapist. We hear how she found clarity, and is helping others do the same. She is joined by iridologist Ronald Delary Simpson, who shared his best foods for removing waste from your digestive system. Coach Chris Browne reveals how to make that transition from an employee to a manager, Dr Rob Hicks answers some of your medical questions and we are also treated to a performance by singer Michael G. McDermid. Chrissy also gives her top tips on how you can gain an alternative perspective.