Shows this week

Monday 22nd May – Control That Anger

We all feel it. It’s human. But when not treated correctly it can be dangerous and hugely damaging to ourselves and others. More than 1 in 10 of us have trouble controlling our anger, so we thought we would take a look at how you can help tame yours. Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang gives us a professional opinion about anger. Chiropractor Anna Garstin talks about how she has handled a multitude of anger in her life, from her parent’s divorce to abusive partners. Nutritionist Lily Soutter is on hand to give us her top tips for controlling anger through the food that you eat, and we feature The Recovery Letters – a good cause aimed at helping those managing depression through letter writing. Then Chrissy gives her tips on how you can channel your anger productively.

Wednesday 24th May – Craig Shergold – cancer, comedy and girls

He’s had a Hollywood film made about him, he holds the World Record for receiving the most get well cards ever, but most impressive of all, he beat cancer. Craig Shergold tells us all about his miraculous journey, as well as his aspirations of becoming a stand-up comedian with the help of mentor, Stephen Truby. We also give Craig some extra help as he moves onto the next big stage in his life, that is finding a girlfriend. Dating Coach Genevieve Zawada of Elect Club will be give Craig (and the viewers) some top tips on how he can find the perfect partner, as well as giving him some of the do’s and don’ts when on a date.

Friday 26th May – Organic products

On this show, we go all natural with founder of Odette Beauty, Paige Sinnott, who will be telling us why she uses only the most natural and organic beauty products in her store. We hear all of this week’s mental health news with Helena Chard in Behind the Fame and Dr. Rob Hicks answers all of your medical questions in Dr’s Answers. We see how presenter Julie-Ann and Chrissy got on when they had breakfast and lunch at Bubba Gump in London, and Professional Declutterer, Sally Walford, gives her tips on how to clean and tidy that messy kitchen. Then at the end of the show Chrissy gives some tips about eating organic on a budget.