Shows this week

Monday 20th November – Leaving the Nest

We talk about leaving the nest and the issues that may arise from moving away from home and for the family left behind. Exploring the psychology behind this, is resident psychologist Dr. Audrey Tang. News reader Helena Chard fills us in on the latest in positive news in this week’s A Helping of Happy, and we have Jo-Ann Da Costa Manuel of Autism Parent Empower to talk about her latest dance initiative for anti-bullying week along with Director of Kung Fu Schools, Paul Hawkes, who was heavily involved with in the music video, and choreographer, Vincent Martin. Chef Danielle Shine takes us to raw vegan restaurant Rawligion and teaches us how to make yummy meat-free meatball marinara, and at the end of the show Chrissy gives her tips on how to cope with homesickness.

Wednesday 22nd November – Searching for a Better Life in the UK & More

Chrissy welcomes on the bridges programmes, based in Glasgow which works to take refugees who have fled to scotland and first generation immigrants who are searching for a better life, and help them to achieve the qualifications they need in order to have fulfilling careers.

Chrissy speaks to Director, Maggie Lennon and one of their biggest successes, Dr Laeth Al-Sadi . He was a trauma doctor from Iraq, but thanks to the Bridges Programme, is now is now on his way to working in the NHS, helping lives every day.

 Chrissy also catches up with past guest, Georgia Steed, to see how she’s been getting on following her appearance on the show.

 When she last came on, Georgia was suffering the fallout from years of self-harm, anxiety and depression. She’s now taken on many personal projects, jobs and further education, which seemed like an impossibility before.

And at the end of the show, Chrissy gives her tips on dealing with cultural differences in relationships.