Shows this week

Monday 19th June – Attack your Panic…Time to Fight Back!

Your heart races, a sense of terror chills you to the core, your chest hurts and you’re having trouble breathing – it can only mean one thing: you’re having a panic attack.

If this is you, then we at The Chrissy B Show are here to help, as we turn our attention to anxiety and panic attacks. Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang, helps us understand what happens to us when we suffer from anxiety, as well as giving us some tips on how to deal with a panic attack. Chrissy also speaks to Jamie Roberts, who has struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and depression from a very young age. Nutritionist Lily Soutter gives her top tips for those struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, as well as answers your nutrition questions and giving us a delicious recipe. We also hear from Mark Abrahams of Recycle Your Cycle, a charity that work with prison students to refurbish old bicycles. And Chrissy gives her top tips on how you can reduce stress and stop anxiety.

Wednesday 21st June – Special Needs in Education & Makeover Day

On this show we love to treat deserving people who are doing great things for others to a makeover. Today’s lucky recipient is Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and writer Soli Lazarus, who has been doing some amazing work for children and families living with special needs. She is treated to a makeover by makeup artist Ursula Jones, as well as telling the viewers her 5 reasons why most schools are failing children with special needs and Ursula gives her makeup tips for getting that highlight glow.

And of course we’re always looking to keep you healthy here on the show so Nutritionist Hannah Richards talks all about vitamins – which are worth spending money on and which you should avoid.

Fitness Expert Feyi Jegede demonstrates the many variations of ab moves, to get you slick and toned for summer. Then at the end of the show Chrissy gives her tips on how you can support somebody with special needs.

Friday 23rd June – Highlights Special

We take a look back at some of our best bits on recent shows.