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Monday 16th April – Disability & the Workplace

In today’s world, equality for those with disabilities is a lot better. There is more access to facilities, and society seems more understanding and tolerant. However we do not live in a perfect world, and there is still lots of work to get done. So on this show, we focus on the issues surrounding disability and work, how these issues can affect people and what can be done.

Chrissy speaks to Dr Audrey Tang on disability rights, and how having a disability and being involved in the work world can affect someone psychologically and possible solutions. Resident business coach Chelsey Baker talks about overcoming the obstacles you may face being disabled and trying to make it in the business world. Plus Dr Rob Hicks answers your medical questions, and we show you how we got on when we did the MHDChallenge at Broxbourne Church of England Primary School. We also have on singer Jade Cuttle giving us a great performance. And Chrissy gives her tips on how to tackle loneliness.