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  1. Hello,the plug in for CAPTCHA does not work when you download link it relates to word press with no instructions.
    I only want to send an email about a former guest on your show.
    does anyone check your Facebook page?
    Please help 🙁

  2. We are The Freelancer Club a hub for freelancers, with a community of 90K+ UK based talent.

    I wanted to reach out to let you know about the #nofreework campaign that I have recently launched.

    This issue is very important to me, all freelancers and self employed professionals. I’m looking to gain as much support on this topic as possible.

    Would you have any space to explore this matter in a future show?

  3. Hi I am John cooper aka big love and would like to be a quest on your show for two reasons first its brilliant and second want to share how a not profit organisation has helped me grow as a person and given me then tools and advice I needed to get back into work I work as a volunteer there now too I am a singer too they are called Hastings works in Hastings east Sussex in UK also I want have good links that could help new startup business I founded now Big Love Advertising basef in Hastings they are great my email is johncbranduk – tel 07572146418 I want to share my story and my journey that would benefit and help others and what better show then yours

  4. I am looking for my client to come on the show. Please can you get back in contact with details of who is the best person to speak with regarding this.

    Many thanks

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